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Dankso Shoes - Dansko Clogs, Dansko Professional Clogs, Dansko Sandals, and more - are known worldwide as extremely comfortable footwear that fits true to size.

Worn by teachers, flight crews, doctors, nurses, chefs - people who are on their feet all day love Dansko Shoes. The most popular Dansko shoes are the Professional Clogs. Dansko has a full line of footwear, for men, women, and children, including sandals, boots, and hip-looking shoes.

Dansko is translated as "Danish shoe" - the owners kept bringing clogs back from Denmark more than 20 years ago. There was so much demand for these clogs that they started Dansko here in the United States.

Where can I Buy Dansko Shoes?

Many cities have one or two specialty retailers that carry Dansko Shoes. Often, however, they do not carry many styles or colors. For instance, I LOVE Red Shoes. Not one shoe store that I checked, in several cities, carried Dansko Crimson Professional Clogs.

A better approach is to purchase them online. Since Dansko Shoes run true to size, you can safely order them online without problems. Remember that they are European-sized! However, a good online store will note both the European size and the US size when you order. Dansko shoes are true to width and have Excellent Arch Support. ONLY purchase Danskos through an authorized Dansko dealer. There are many copycat clogs out there.

The online retailer I recommend is Footwear Etc. They are my favorite shoe retailer, and have a large selection of Dansko Shoes.  And they always have some great sales and specials.

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How can you tell it is the Real Dansko?

A Dansko clog is recognizable by its iconic shape, clean construction, and the highest quality material (usually leather). You can tell a Dansko clog from a copycat by the following criteria:

  • A Wider heel for improved lateral stability and more secure heel strike
  • Athletic footwear quality shock absorption
  • Softer and more pronounced heel cavity for additional comfort and support
  • And, of course, the Dansko name on it!


Dansko Shoes also carry the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). The APMA awards the Seal after a rigorous evaluation to determine of it promotes quality foot health.

"whatever we make - has to be comfortable" - Dansko Footwear

Dansko Shoes are sized true to size, using European (EU) whole size standards. Dansko also offers both narrow and wide shoes in the Professional Clog Collection.

Why I love Dansko Professional Clogs

I have 4 pairs of Dankso Professional Clogs. I love them. I love that I can get them in a variety of colors. To be honest, the only other shoes I own are flip flops for the beach. They are extremely comfortable, match any outfit, can be colorful enough to be fashionable, or choose classic colors to match everything. I have 2 pairs of black Dansko Professional Clogs. One is an outdoor/yardwork pair, and the other is for everyday wear. I have a Crimson Pair of Dansko Professional clogs, and my new favorite is the Dankso Professional Clog in Cordovan Cabrio Leather. The leather is of the highest quality, lasting for years. I think for my next pair, I'll get a playful pattern!


Dansko Shoes


Where are Dansko Clogs made? Are they an Ethical and Responsible Company?

Most people think that Dansko (remember, "Danish shoe") shoes are made in Denmark. Au Contraire! The Dansko Company is located in Pennsylvania. Dansko has selected and worked closely with the very best manufacturers in Italy, China, and Brazil. Look inside your shoe to see where it was made! They select their sourcing partners based on their proximity/access to raw materials, as well as their expertise.

Dansko has a history of ethical business practices and responsible manufacturers.

Dansko started with 1 employee 17 years ago (she's still with them!). 130 people are now employed at Dansko. Dansko is a part of the community, and really wants to make a difference in the community. Wants to be part of the future of sustainable living. Wants to leave the Earth better than how they found it.

The Dansko foundation has proudly supported over 80 organizations since its inception in 2002. The foundation focuses on giving back to the community through employee-sponsored grants and service projects that demonstrate a benefit for humankind (Special Olympics, YMCA, DC Central Kitchen, roadside cleanup, recycling, Conservation Alliance, LEED Gold Certification for their building, Stroud Water Research, Camp Dreamcatcher, and more).

Give Dansko Shoes a try.  They may quickly become your favorite shoes.






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  • Barbara Greenberg

    12 years 5 months ago

    They are very comfortable and stylish.  I was not sure if I was going to like Dankso Shoes, but I've been wearing them every day for the past couple of weeks and I love them.

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