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Wine Travel Guides

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Wine Travel Guides - our newest Travel Guides Partner


Wine Travel Guides

Special Gold Membership Offer for Visitors to Wandering Educators

Wine Travel Guides offers 50 comprehensive on-line travel guides to wine regions of France, Tuscany, Rioja and in 2010 there will be more. The guides are ideal for the independent traveller who is planning a wine tour as part of a visit to Europe. Written by top, independent professional writers, the guides give recommendations of wineries to visit, places to stay, eat and shop and much more.

CHANGES from November 2009!


Wine Travel Guides



All the information on the guides is now available to view for free. For ease of saving and printing, downloadable PDF guides can be purchased singly. The full access annual Gold subscription has turned into Gold Membership and the normal price has been reduced to £29 (about $49).

The offer code for Wandering Educators remains as D1WAND09 and is valid for Gold Membership, giving a price of £25 (about $42). Gold membership is valid for 12 months and all the travel guides are updated at least once a year – membership means you can download the most recent guides including any added to the site whilst your membership is valid. To become a Gold Member just enter the code at the top-right of the Join Today page. Payment is through the secure server and you can choose to pay in GB pounds, US dollars or Euros.


One Gold subscriber from the USA has commented:
“My wife and I plan our vacations around wine, food and outdoor activities. Yours is the first 'guide' that addresses our interests in a useful and thorough way.”

Plan your own private wine tours or give a special wine gift to a friend or colleague - you can use the same code to purchase a Gift membership.


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Click here to read an excellent interview with Wink Lorch, owner of Wine Travel Guides - and our Wine Editor, here on Wandering Educators.


Hi...I have visit on

Hi...I have visit on it's really sound...Cool!! I will check it out!

wine as a textbook

One of the things I enjoy about wine is its intellectual component. (Ok, there are several other things I enjoy too...) Throughout western history wine has accompanied all great moments in art, philosophy, and thought. In places like France and Italy, wine is a reflection of the local character—not just the actual terra firma, but the feeling and atmosphere and history of the place.


These look like a great companion to viticultural adventure.


Paul Bennett 

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Congratulations on winning the Gold subscription prize in WE's birthday celebration give-away! And thanks for such a thoughtful comment - I hope you will find that the guides are indeed a great companion on your wine travels in Europe.

Wink Lorch - Wine Travel Guides
All you need for a great wine tour

these sound wonderful

Any on Australia or New Zealand?

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Only Europe so far

Lisa - at present we are only covering wine regions in Europe, but we hope one day to cover the whole world. It's a long (and costly!) process to do them right! Thanks for taking a look.

Wink Lorch - Wine Travel Guides
All you need for a great wine tour

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Love these -- a must-have

Love these -- a must-have for the traveler/imbiber --- like me.   Josh

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Do come and visit!

Looking forward to seeing you on the site, Josh!

Wink Lorch - Wine Travel Guides
All you need for a great wine tour

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Wine & Travel

It's funny.  When I travel, I always enjoy wine.  But I have not planned a trip around wine.  Being a wine lover, it seems like a natural thing to do.

Jesse Miles

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Bringing wine to life

Jesse - it's true that visiting a wine region brings the wine to life and gives you a much greater understanding and appreciation of what you are drinking. It's a wonderful activity to do on your travels.

Wink Lorch - Wine Travel Guides
All you need for a great wine tour

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