Artist of the Month: Jane E Porter

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Sometimes, an artist has such talent for looking within their subject. They specialize in seeing things others don't, and sharing a glimpse of the soul. Such is the extraordinary talent of Figurative Painter & Mixed Media Artist Jane E Porter. She captures the essence of a person, through their eyes, and through the details she surrounds them with. It's an incredible vision, one that draws you in and leaves you wondering. The world is drawn in to her visions, too - she's a Scottish artist, and has exhibited globally. Take note, world - Jane is someone to watch.

Bird. Jane E Porter


We had a chance to catch up with Jane and learn about her art, becoming an artist, creating, and more. Here's what she had to say...

Please tell us about your art...

Until recently, I had been creating large mixed media portraits, illustrating stories of tragic creative souls from history.  I am now following a different path.  Leaving the dark tales behind, my focus is on the light, where to find it and how to live in it.

The Tacit Call to Madness. Jane E Porter

The Tacit Call to Madness

Solitude. Jane E Porter


Solitude. Jane E Porter

Solitude - detail

How/when did you start becoming an artist?

I fully embarked on the journey when I went to art school when I was 31. I'd been painting and drawing from a young age but until then, I didn't have the confidence to go for it. I enjoyed art at secondary school but some art teachers were really hot tempered which put me off taking it any further.  I thought it best to get a regular job, do some traveling and forget about all dreams of being an artist.  In the end, the calling was too strong and I had to give in to it.  

The Rich Boy. Jane E Porter

The Rich Boy

The Rich Boy - detail. Jane E Porter

The Rich Boy - detail

What do you draw inspiration from?

I read a lot, study the Masters, technically and conceptually, and I love listening to people's stories.  I'm fascinated by our relationship with stories and how they influence our lives. More often than not, my own stories are in there somewhere and, hopefully, yours are too.  I think life is about relating or connecting to each other and art is one way of doing that.  I also love the natural world, movies and history, all of which fuel my imagination.

The Gold Key. Jane E Porter

The Gold Key

The Gold Key. Jane E Porter

The Gold Key - detail

Clara's confession. Jane E Porter

Clara's confession

Where are your favorite places to create art?

My studio; it's at home so I can go in and out of there freely. It's quiet and light and I play music or listen to interviews while I'm working.

One summer with Descartes. Jane E Porter

One summer with Descartes

Passage to Anodyne. Jane E Porter

Passage to Anodyne

What's a soup kitchen? Jane E Porter

What's a soup kitchen?

What do you enjoy creating most?

I have many favorites. One day I might be painting a portrait, another, working on a digital landscape, sketching flowers or making a maquette.  Creating anything is a process with various steps and I enjoy different things at different times, for example, stretching and priming boards can be meditative and quiet my mind when things have been hectic.  On other days, by focusing on tiny details, I see and learn something new and it's stimulating and exciting.  I try and listen to my creative urges, but sometimes I forget and end up making a mess.

Nothing matters anymore. Jane E Porter

Nothing matters anymore

Guyan 2012. Jane E Porter


How can readers find and purchase your art?

All my details are on my website and I am happy to chat about, well almost anything.  Don't be shy - drop me a line.

Bitter strawberries. Jane E Porter

Bitter strawberries

Sylvia - detail. Jane E Porter

Sylvia - detail

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

I'm planning to create a picture book for teenagers and adults, based on the creative mind, meditation, and psychology.  I'm hoping to collaborate and am having conversations with, my brother Guyan who is an artist and writer, and other potential partners.

Jacks Brae. Jane E Porter

Jacks Brae


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All photos courtesy and copyright Jane E Porter

Feature photo: Gabriella's ghost