Driving Through Scenic Mexico

by Joy Whitehead / Apr 19, 2013 / 0 comments

My family and I recently took a drive through Mexico for a vacation in the US with some family members. While some people say it's too dangerous because of all of the drug-related events that they see on the news, my family and I have lived to tell the tale. The drug gangs are only active during the night, and they don't mess with foreigners. The locals from the towns are also very friendly and willing to give directions if needed. None of us ever felt in danger of anything or anyone while we drove to the border, and it was the easiest border crossing we've ever made!


Here are some of the pictures I took while making this 'perilous' journey across Mexico: 


Mexico - shack on the road

Little shack-house on the road.


Road Trip - Mexico

Peek of a town over the grass.


Road Trip - Mexico

Field of wheat.


Driving Mexico

Another field with a house behind it.


a dark and dreary mountain, Mexico

Dark and dreary mountain picture.


Highway, Mexico

On the highway to Texas.


Trees, Mexico

Super cool black and white tree picture.


mountains, Mexico

Mountains on the roadside.


Mountain, Mexico

Another big mountain.


Sunrise, Mexico

Sun rising out from behind a mountain.


Striped mountain, Mexico

Striped mountain.


Mountain, Mexico

Rocky brown and white mountain.


Mountain, Mexico

Another mountain with a shack building in front.


As you can see, we had a peaceful drive up to Texas with no stops other than tolls, food and bathrooms, and the borders. We know many people that have driven through Mexico, and some of them can't speak any Spanish. Now that you know it's safe, maybe you'll get to see some of the mountains for yourself someday!





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