Every Least Sparrow: A Girl Grows Her Wings

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Garn Press is pleased to announce the release of Every Least Sparrow, by Carolyn Walker. Walker’s memoir tells the story of her daughter, Jennifer, who has Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, a rare disorder that affects not only her appearance, but nearly every one of her body functions, as well as her IQ. 

Every Least Sparrow: A Girl Grows Her Wings

Born in 1977, Jennifer comes into the world with a condition that is scarcely understood – even by doctors. With nothing but her instincts, intellect, and determination to go on, Jennifer’s mother, a journalist, embarks on a journey to understand Rubinstein-Taybi, and to provide her daughter with the best life possible. While they face down medical, educational, and personal challenges, and one near-death, Jennifer proves herself to be an adorable, resilient free spirit. She floats through life on a love of music, and a curious but delightful obsession with the Titanic. 

Every Least Sparrow: A Girl Grows Her Wings

As Jennifer grows, those who surround her – parents, siblings, teachers, and community – quickly move away from their fear of the unknown to learn that she is less a disabled person and closer to an ideal. Jennifer, who is joyous in even the most difficult situations, and who knows no guile or prejudice, sets the example for a life well-lived – a life that includes boundless friendships, romantic love, employment, hard-won, semi independence, and empowerment. 

Carolyn Walker, 2013 Kresge Artist Fellow in the Literary Arts from Kresge Arts in Detroit on Vimeo.

Walker’s book is a chronicle of bravery over obstacle, and courage over fear. It is also a testament to unconditional love. Walker has been widely published in literary journals, such as The Southern Review and Crazyhorse, and numerous newspapers and magazines. A Kresge Fellow in the Literary Arts, she is also a creative writing instructor for the Writer’s Digest University, AllWriters, and Springfed Arts. 

Writer Carolyn Walker, author of Every Least Sparrow: A Girl Grows Her Wings

Every Least Sparrow is available as a paperback book, hardcover book, and eBook. It can be purchased on Amazon.com, through Barnes and Noble at barnesandnoble.com, and in independent bookstores.

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