Exploring Downtown Ansbach, Germany

by Katie Wellman / Nov 04, 2012 / 0 comments

Ansbach has two halves: the old half and the new half. The new half has modern buildings and malls. The old half (hence the name) has older buildings and two big churches. I spent some time walking around there the other day. The Old city is interesting because you get to see a blend of modernism and the old ages. What I mean by this is that they always have one or two pieces of modern art in the cobblestone square right next to the fountain with the knight on top. Then, there is the newest fashion wedding gown store next to the ancient cathedral. I thought this would be a good place to show you.


Driving, Germany


Driving, Germany

A maple tree going by my window.


fresh bread, Germany

Bread at the bakery.


Bridge, Ansbach, Germany

A lovely view from the bridge.


Metal lady

A lady, a dog,a bridge, and the clock tower.


music note sculpture

A music note on a piece of modern art (oddly enough Beethoven’s head is on the other side!)


brightly colored watches

Bright colors in a window.


stone fountain

A stone fountain with water rippling through it.    


metal dude

This guy goes with the lady on the other side of the bridge…To bad they’re made of metal.


American style

Now this is a weird thing to find…Especially when you live in Germany!


drinking fountain

An old drinking fountain.


Cathedral, Ansbach, Germany

Another ancient Cathedral.(Yes there are two in this town!)


wedding dress

I liked the dress so I took a picture of it.


Ansbach Cathedral

I loved this photo because the light coming through the window on the other side lit up this one so I got the picture on the outside.


Maple leaf

A maple leaf on a tree next to the cathedral.


Ansbach Cathedral

A lady figurine carved in stone on the outside of the cathedral.


fake roses

Yes, these are fake…


Piano Fricke

Piano Fricke is my favorite store… It sells musical instruments!


City Nails, Ansbach, Germany

I have no idea why they have it written in English!


Did you like Ansbach as much as I did? I sure hope so! It was especially chilly that day, as it was the last dregs of autumn. In fact, only a few days later we got our first snow! If you walk further into downtown Ansbach, they have many more stores, ranging from the small yarn shop to C&A clothing store. They have good restaurants, as well. Although I cannot recall the name of it, my favorite one is not far away from the cobblestone courtyard. Our dog gets his hair shorn off here, too. His hair grows quickly, and so we take him to the groomer to get bathed and to have his hair cut.  As you saw above the store, Piano Fricke sells musical items. But if you traverse up the winding staircase, inside you will find pianos. Some of them are very old and look like they weigh ten hundred pounds. Others look slightly lighter.  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have one of those pianos!





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