Fourth of July Apple Cider Slushies

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Do you have a place nearby you’ve been meaning to go to but never quite get around to it? It seems like we all have one of those places that’s so convenient that we don’t make the time to see it, figuring, “Eh, it’ll always be there.” That’s how it’s been with our family and a local farm about 30 minutes from our home, Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland, Ohio.

In the fall we meant to go and pick fresh apples (Empire are my favorite) and take a hayride around the farm. We didn’t. And then we decided to go for strawberry picking in June. But we missed that too. So a couple Saturdays ago with nothing on our schedule we headed up to Patterson, even though there were no big events—or produce—waiting to be picked when we visited. I’m so glad we went.

Patterson's Apple farm

Patterson’s produce market is open year round and they try to stock it with as much local goods as possible. The man stocking the fruits and vegetables took time to explain to my kids exactly where every piece of produce came from. Then he offered them a sample of one of Patterson’s favorite treats on a hot day—apple cider slushies.

For the summer months, Patterson sells apple cider that’s frozen fresh during apple picking season. And some of that frozen cider makes its way into the slushie machine. Now I’ve had plenty of smoothies and fruit drinks on a hot, summer day. But to have a taste of fall tucked into an icy apple cider was just so refreshing. You don’t have to go by Patterson’s to enjoy an apple cider slushie (although I highly recommend it). Instead, here’s how you can make a fall-inspired slushie at home.

And if there’s some place that’s on your family’s local bucket list, why don’t you take the time in July to go by and visit?

Almost Like Patterson’s Apple Cider Slushie

Prep time: About an hour, mostly unattended

Servings: 3-6


1 apple

½ gallon 100% apple cider

½ lemon

¼ teaspoon cinnamon (optional)

1 ice cube tray


Notes: High quality apple cider makes a big difference in this recipe. But, hey, we’re not all going to have access to this fresh, tart juice. My solution? Add a freshness and tang to your improvised “apple cider” by squeezing in fresh lemon and adding an apple to the blended drink.

1.     Fill the empty ice cube tray with apple juice and freeze for 45 minutes or until the ice cubes are frozen halfway. (If you slip up here and have fully frozen apple juice ice cubes, don’t worry just let the ice cubes thaw on the counter until they’re not quite so solid).

2.     Meanwhile, peel the apple and slice it. Drizzle the juice from half a lemon onto the slices. Add a touch of cinnamon, if using.

3.     Once the apple juice cubes are half frozen, place them in the blender along with the lemon apple slices. Puree.

4.     Serve cold on a hot summer day.

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