Halloween Blogapalooza: Scariest Trip Ever

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This week, we are participating in a Halloween Blogapalooza - sharing scary or strange travel stories with sites around the internet!





My husband, Ed, has a great story of his scariest trip ever. When he was in high school, he, his mother, and other family friends took a cruise to Bermuda and Nassau, on the SS Rotterdam.

They left from New York City, and at first the cruise was quite enjoyable. The food was amazing (as cruise food can be) and showy - ice sculptures and 5- or 6-course meals. There were many activities, two pools (indoor and outdoor), and a musical theater for both live shows on stage and movies.  There was a casino, different shops, and plenty of planned activities to do for all ages.

Two days into the trip, they started hitting rough waters. The Captain ordered the portholes closed, and announced to the passengers that they were going through a hurricane. The deck was closed.

They also found out that they were simultaneously going through the Bermuda Triangle.  95% of the entire ship was seasick and in their cabins. Very few people came out of their cabins. Even the dining room, which was normally very full, was sparsely populated. 

And the worst part? Right before the storm hit, they had all watched The Poseidon Adventure in the movie theater. The Poseidon Adventure is a movie about a cruise ship capsizing while going through the Bermuda Triangle. In the movie, almost everyone dies. NOT a good choice of movie, to be shown on a cruise even in the best of weather.

After pulling through the Bermuda Triangle, the hurricane, and landing in Bermuda, some of the passengers opted to take an airplane back. Others were quite nervous heading back.  And my husband? He's not been on a cruise since.




What's your scariest travel story?




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