From Mom to CEO - Amber Jayne's Journey in Early Childhood Education

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I never imagined I would be a self-proclaimed “Mom turned CEO.” Growing up, I wasn’t raised to dream big. I envisioned my future as a stay-at-home mom with a big family, only slightly entertaining thoughts of being a Kindergarten teacher. Things didn't pan out how I imagined. At age 22, I gave birth to my first son and  stayed at home for four months: cleaning the house, doing dishes, and washing clothes repeatedly. This reality left me unfulfilled. Of course, I absolutely love both my son and motherhood; however, I felt the need to search for something greater. 

One day, at my kitchen table, I wrote down some numbers and formulated an idea. I would open a preschool. Not just a daycare, but an actual preschool: one with a schedule, curriculum, art, music and more. As my pen vigorously swarmed around my paper, I brainstormed pricing, number of school attendees, and the personal impact I could have on supporting my own family. 

Loving Start Learning Centers was born, and it opened in my living room. I ditched the couches and coffee table for tables, chairs, and bulletin boards. My son’s dad and I took out a home equity line and decided to build an extra room onto our house. It had a bathroom counter, sink, and its own side entrance. It looked like a real preschool. 

Three months in, I found out I was pregnant with my second child, and within six months, I grew from teaching four students to 48 students and hired two teachers. We ran successfully out of my home for nine years before opening a commercial center. I became a CEO, and continued my journey, opening eight schools along the way. 

As my schools grew, so did my family. I feel so blessed to have developed both as a businesswoman and a mother. To be able to say I love my job, even still to this day, is incredible. I’m proud to serve my community and experience the everyday joys that littles ones bring to the classroom. My life turned into something so unpredictable, and I’m thankful that I was able to open my very own preschool.


Amber Jayne is an early childhood education expert, creator of The Loving Start Learning Centers and The Loving Start Way Community, author of the ABC’s of Preschool, and host of the ABC’s of Preschool Podcast. With over two decades of experience under her belt, Amber is not just an expert – she's a visionary. Dedicated to empowering mothers, inspiring teachers, nurturing children, and elevating childcare centers, Amber leads with love at the center of all she does. Curious to learn more about Amber or eager to embark on your own journey in early childhood education? Visit to connect with this remarkable trailblazer and possibly become a part of her thriving community.