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Acting has been a big part of my life, ever since I was seven.  Seven was the age I attended my first drama school, Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. My sisters and I heard the Academy being advertised in school and when my sister insisted on us joining, we went - and from then on I carried on pursuing acting. I would watch different TV programmes (and I still do now) and wish I was in the programme, acting.


Acting tableau

A Tableau from my groups devised piece, in our drama lesson.


I love how as an actor you’re able to embody different personalities and interpret them in your own way through your acting. I feel that this allows me to be more understanding and empathic to the people I come across in my everyday life.


It has certainly given me more confidence and creativity in everything I do, and has put my talkative mouth to use.  Every time I perform, I love the feeling before you go on, that rush of nerves and excitement. It just gets me pumped up and perform the best I can. 


I have been doing drama in and out of school for about 10 years now, and haven’t gotten sick of it.  I am currently doing drama in school and attend a drama school on Sundays which is called Kingdom School of Arts. Although I have been acting for quite a while, I am still learning new things and still developing as an actor. I feel as an actor you are always learning and there is always room to develop. There is always something you can add to your performance and something new you can discover about your character.


Drama, in general, can be very powerful.  Although it can be for entertainment and comedy, it can also be used to inspire people. When I watch inspirational movies, I love how there can be a message which you can gain from that can make you stop to revaluate yourself or benefit you. For instance, when I watched the Pursuit of Happiness (a true story), Will Smith’s character (Chris Gardner) struggled to get where he wanted to. Even though it wasn’t a huge difference at the end of the movie, the audience knew things would get easier and he would eventually get to his goal. Through the struggle, he didn’t stop but persevered. I can use this in my own life as I know acting is not easy and there will be a lot of challenges along the way but I just need to keep on being  determined and dedicated and I will eventually reach my goal.


There are a lot of successful actors out there now, and seeing their work motivates me to do all I can to become a successful actor in the near future!





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