A Recipe for Happiness: Exotic Fig Smoothie

by beccatran / Jun 23, 2013 / 0 comments

Smoothies - They are a simple and really easy beverage to make. My sister and I have a serious obsession with making different kinds of smoothies. The ingredients in a smoothie can be endless, and we like to mix things up. Trying and making weird smoothies is a pastime that I enjoy. I once tried a kale smoothie that was surprisingly delicious. My all-time personal favorite is a fig smoothie! It tastes amazing and is a perfect beverage on a hot day.

Fig Smoothie Ingredients

1 Fig
1 Banana
1 small container Greek Yogurt
2 or 3 Tablespoons of milk
3 ice cubes
Whipped cream when the beverage is completed (optional)  


Serves two people


Fig Smoothie

 Fig smoothies in Javea, Spain


I find figs to be a really unique and quite beautiful fruit. I made a fig smoothie today for my mom and sister and they absolutely loved it. My mom said it’s her new favorite drink. So the recipe to happiness? Relaxing outside in the company of loved ones, enjoying summer and the heat of the sun, while drinking a fig smoothie topped with whipped cream.




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