Teen Travel Favorites: Adventure, the Unexpected, and Boiled Octopus

by Gabriel Miller / Mar 14, 2013 / 0 comments

I am here in New Zealand with a friend, Sarah. Her family is a family that traveled for a year around the world. They are in New Zealand now, and have been here for around ten years. We met her family for one day and decided to stay for a week or so. A whole bunch of traveling families were there with us, too, including fellow teen travel blogging classmates Anders and Lukas. Sarah is a girl who, at a moment’s notice, would rush into adventure and travel with a passion. She is funny, but not overly so.


Where have you traveled?

I have traveled to five continents, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australasia (New Zealand and Australia), and North America.


How old are you?

I am twelve years old.


You traveled for one year and are now living in New Zealand. What has it been like, changing from being a traveler to being a person who stays in one spot and goes to school and such?

It became really annoying because life has become boring and repetitive. I keep thinking I’ll wake up in Spain or some other country.


Could you tell us what school is like?

It’s… interesting. I have to get up every morning and get dressed at the same time each day, and instead of doing a task until it’s done, like I am used to, each class is an hour, and that’s how long I have for that subject each day. I keep feeling like I’ve just started to make some progress when-Ring! Goes the bell- and everyone runs out the door to the next. Also, no one works very fast at school, because they know that if they take a long time they don’t have to do as much. I’m not sure, but I think it’s why I’m doing so much because I just plow through it.


Would you rather travel than stay in one spot?

I’d much rather travel. Trying to be bought for 50 camels in Morocco is much more fun than listening to teachers drone on about similes.


How long have you stayed in one spot/ what is the longest time you have been in one spot without leaving the country or traveling around it a whole lot?

During our first three years of staying in New Zealand, we only left once.


Where do you live now?

New Zealand


Do you like staying in your home town/country and setting down roots?

I have some nice friends and I wouldn’t mind staying here, but traveling is really fun.


If you went traveling again, what would your method be? As in how would you travel? By plane, walking, boat, etc.?

I think we would get a camper van and probably travel around South America, because mum really wants to go there.


What is your favorite food?

Spaghetti Bolognaise, but boiled octopus is really good.


What do you like about traveling?

I like the adventure of always being in new places, doing the unexpected.


What do you think about people around the world?

I think mostly everyone was nice, although most of the Russians refused to talk to us (including the policemen).


What was the best place you have been to?

The best place was the Harry Potter studio tour outside of London, which my parents took me to as a birthday present. It was so amazing, with all the props from the movies. We even got to ride broomsticks (on green screen). My picture is from there, when I was wearing Gryffindor robes. I got Neville Longbottom’s wand too, which was really cool.


Sarah at Harry Potter Studio, London



I think it is obvious that she likes to travel and that if she could, she would. She could technically, but she has set down roots and her family likes it where they are.





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