The Traditional Punjabi Suit

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I am from Kotli Ablu, which is situated in the Muktsar district in Punjab. India is a diverse country with a variety of customs and tradition, languages, and religion. Today, I will share with you our traditional clothing. This traditional Punjabi suit is called Salwar, Kameez, and a Dupatta. Each piece of cloth plays a crucial role in my culture.

The Traditional Punjabi Suit

History of the Punjabi Suit

Mughals were the first people who originated the idea of the traditional Punjabi suit outfit. The area of Punjab, which is now split between India and Pakistan, is where the traditional Salwar, Suit, and a Dupatta was first seen in the Mughal Empire era. This traditional outfit has been and is still worn by all women in all age groups in Punjab culture. 

The Traditional Punjabi Suit

The Importance of Traditional Punjabi Suit in Cultural Heritage and When I Wore it the First Time

This clothing plays very important role in one's life and in Punjabi culture. It is a symbol of identity, celebration, and craftsmanship of Punjab’s cultural heritage. To elaborate, most Indian girls wear it on their very important day, marriage. 

I wore this suit on my wedding day. These suits are made of stones, thread work, and hand work. Suits are also worn to some religious places such as gurudwaras or Sikh temples. Moreover, Indians also wear it to festivals. 

Everyone gave me compliments when I wore it for the first time; they told me I looked beautiful. I  also think these suits are comfortable for me.

The Traditional Punjabi Suit

The Suit Items, Explained

These are the things which are included in traditional dress:

Kameez: A long sized kurta is called kameez, which includes stones, hand work, and thread work. It includes different types likes Pakistani suit and Anarkali suit. 

Salwar: This is a type of trouser which is wide from top and narrow from ankles. This design provides comfort and ease of movement. There are different types of salwar such as Patiala salwar and parallel salwar. 

Dupatta: a long scarf or swal is called dupatta, which is draped over the shoulders or head.

Fabrics: there are different types of fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette, and crave. They often include different embroidery and beadwork. 

The Traditional Punjabi Suit


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