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Only in India: Adventures of an International Educator

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Excerpt from Only in India: Adventures of an International Educator - FREE on Amazon Kindle until 1/24/19!

Only in India: Adventures of an International Educator

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Explore the Golden Triangle of India

The Golden Triangle of India is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Northern India. The triangle refers to Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. They are almost equidistant from each other, and hence the name Golden Triangle. Each city has something different and special to offer to its visitors.

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5 Incredible Places to Learn Pottery in India

A magnificent blend of vivid concepts, beautiful designs, and intricate execution, pottery has always been a significant part of Indian culture. With experts molding clay and creating utility items, deities of worship, sculptures, or toys, the list of items is long. Across India, there are a number of places popular for their remarkable potter products. If pottery interests you and you wish to learn or explore this activity, then read on and discover the top spots in India where you can gain a new learning experience. 

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The First Taste Belongs to the Gods

What happens when you wake up one day in your comfortable, climate-controlled, corporate career in middle management and say, “Enough! Money isn’t everything. I want to make a difference in our world”?

Global Education: How to Conquer Global Intolerance

by Dacey Loving /
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Sep 07, 2017 / 0 comments

Global Education: How to Conquer Global Intolerance

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Road Trip Alert! On-the-way attractions to visit when driving from Delhi to Jaipur

If one was to ask you your favourite heritage destination in India, you must mention Jaipur, aka the Pink City. Here, you will have an experience of a lifetime, especially if you love Rajasthani food! The city speaks volumes about India’s culture through its larger-than-life forts and palaces. Home to the renowned Jaipur Literature Festival, this heritage city has much to see and do, incluring Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, The City Palace, and the evergreen Ranthambore National Park! 

Spices of India: Making Chai Tea Latte at Home

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Nov 30, 2016 / 0 comments

Redolent of the spices of India, and especially warming during cold winters, Chai tea is a delicious beverage that has migrated from India to, well, everyone! You can find Chai tea lattes at Starbucks and other coffee shops, recipes on Pinterest, and premade at the store. But many of them have strange ingredients - and weak spices.

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Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul with Ayurveda

What do the zero, shampoo, a button, and chess have in common? They were all invented in ancient India! Apart from these amazing inventions, India is also the birthplace of two great restorative traditions: Ayurveda and Yoga. Both Yoga and Ayurveda are gaining popularity across the world as people have come to appreciate their naturalistic approach to dealing with the body and mind holistically.

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#StudyAbroadBecause it shapes who you’ll become

Sam Parker is a 25 year old living in Philadelphia, and is currently in school to become an occupational therapist. She's passionate about travel, philly, yoga, anything Harry Potter, and her two fur babies Luna(tic) and Artemis(Chievous). 

Sam Parker: #StudyAbroadBecause it shapes who you’ll become

7 Budget friendly family destinations in India

From luxury hotels and resorts to low-cost yet comfortable economical accommodation options, from high-end malls and designer studios to bustling streets and bazaars, from luxury world-class coaches to much reasonable Rajdhani and Shatabdi express trains, from a continental cuisine in a 5-star restaurant to the mouth-watering street food - India is truly a land of contrasts.