Through the Eyes of an Educator: India

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Jun 01, 2015 / 0 comments

Whether you’re on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, these days, travel quotes are ever present. Found on social media, they urge the end of complacency and the rise of carpe diem. Adventures and journeys, whether personal or actual, are growing in popularity. In a world where materialism still reigns supreme, thankfully, more and more people are choosing experiences over purchases and realizing that comfort zones are meant to be broadened. 

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How to Study Abroad in India

India - it’s almost a dream, isn’t it? The enormous territory, and the even more enormous population. The religions, cultures, languages, foods, and people are as much a draw as the history, which is storied and ancient. Want to study abroad in India? You’ve researched flights to India, looked into programs, and are getting excited…