Top Five Traditional Dishes of Punjab

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In Punjab, India, people love to eat different kinds of dishes according to their interest. There are a number of famous dishes which are related to our culture as well as tradition, including Chole Bhature, Dal Makhani, Sarson DA Saag with Makki Di Roti, Paratha, and Rice Pudding. All these dishes are my favorite, and whenever my family plans to go out for lunch or dinner, I order these dishes because they’re quite delicious. 

I really love this mouth-watering dish. There are number of ingredients which are used to prepare this, including Mustard Greens (sarson), Goosefoot Leaves (bathu), Spinach (palak), Fenugreek (methi), and  some spices like salt, red chili powder, green chili paste, onion, and garlic. We need maize flour and butter to prepare Makki di roti. My mother cooks this dish two times a week because our family members eat it very happily. 

SARSON DA SAAG WITH MAKKI DI ROTI. From  Top Five Traditional Dishes of Punjab

Dal makhani is one of the most famous cuisines of Punjab. I love to eat it with nan or roti. It is very tasty; people in my hometown like to make it for festivals as well as for weddings. This is a very simple recipe which needs whole black lentils (urad dal), kidney beans (RAJMA), some creams (makhani), and spices such as red chili powder, green chili, salt, and turmeric, according to taste and interest. The first time I ate this dish, I asked my mother to cook it daily for me because this is one of my favorite dishes that I love to eat.

Dal Makhani. From  Top Five Traditional Dishes of Punjab

Paratha is a traditional Punjabi breakfast dish, also known as a filled tortilla. I like to cook, and there are several types of paratha, such as alu (potato) paratha, gobi (cauliflower), Muli (radish) paratha, and many others. My mother makes butter at home, so I like to eat paratha with her butter. 

Parantha. From  Top Five Traditional Dishes of Punjab

This dish is a combination of chana masala (spicy white chickpeas) and bhatura (deep fried bread made from Maida). I always cook this dish when any relative comes to my home, and it is also cooked on various festivals.

Chole Bature. From  Top Five Traditional Dishes of Punjab

This is a sweet dish and mostly eaten on big days like celebrations, festivals, baby birth, and any achievements. I remember when I was in school, my mother always cooked this dish when I got first position in my class. This dish is comprised of simple ingredients including rice, milk, sugar, and dry fruits.

Rice pudding. From  Top Five Traditional Dishes of Punjab


Dal Makhani, Parathas, Makki ki roti with Sarson ka Saag, Rice Pudding, and Bhature represent the richness as well as diversity of traditional Punjabi cuisine.

Each dish showcases a unique and flavorful experience. Whether it’s the creamy lentils of Dal Makhani, the stuffed parathas, the healthy combination of Makki di roti sarson da saag, the sweet delights pudding, or the fluffy bhature, these dishes provide a culinary experience rooted in tradition.


Hardeep Kaur is from Punjab, India. She is an extroverted person, and loves talking with people and exploring different cultures and traditions. One of the most interesting things about her is that she is a foodie person and loves to make new dishes to share with others.

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