A Trip To Heidelberg

by Katie Wellman / Nov 27, 2012 / 0 comments

If you are ever in Germany, you should look into visiting the wonderful city of Heidelberg. With its amazing cathedrals, beautiful landscape, and the castle up on the mountain, this is one of my favorite places to go. You can take a tram ride up to the castle if you want to and tour it with a guide, or just tromp around the castle grounds by yourself. Located inside the castle lies the biggest barrel in the world (that is not a confirmed fact, mind you, it is only my opinion).  Close your eyes and imagine a two story house. That is about how big the barrel is. You are allowed to climb up some steps onto the top of the barrel. If you are afraid of heights I would NOT recommend that you do this. I am unsure if the barrel has anything in it, though. The barrel in the video is the smaller barrel, not the big one (I could not get a picture of it because it was too big).


If you have children, going up to the very top of the mountain might be appealing to them. At the top is a smaller children’s park. They have automated rides and interesting things to explore. My favorite part is the “Crazy bike land,” where you ride on these oddly-made bikes around a funny looking group of houses. This place is not so popular since it is hard and nobody wants to ride the bikes with the pedals on the back of the bike.  





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