Why You Need Big Wall Décor in Your Home

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Color, beauty, art...what more can we ask for in our homes—and lives? One more thing: 

Make it big! 

Why You Need Big Wall Décor in Your Home

I recently discovered Big Wall Décor, a fantastic company focused on bringing affordable large-scale art to everyone. Read our interview with founder Nick Ford to get inspired!

We absolutely ADORE our latest Big Wall Décor addition to our home: Salty Gradient, by photographer Thomas Fotomas. His photography is extraordinary...and I can see decorating an entire home with one artist (for me, it would be him!). Fotomas, a French photographer, has an incredible eye for color, focus, and joy. I dove into his profile on the website and fell into the waves and sky he so beautifully captured. 

Why do you need art from Big Wall Décor in your home?

Let me count the ways...

I love the vibrant colors, utterly saturating and splashing my home and life with a deep richness I didn't know we needed.

The ease of putting together your art cannot be understated. The infinity frame comes in four pieces; insert a few small metal pieces into the interior of the corners, and you have a sturdy, beautiful frame. The special premium fabric (called ArtFab) has silicone beading sewn along the edge. You just slide that into the frame! Et voilà: instant, gorgeous, easy to assemble art! You can lean it against the wall, or use their easy to install hanger on your wall.

Why You Need Big Wall Décor in Your Home

The breadth of art offered by Big Wall Décor is astonishing. There are endless possibilities, with both fine art photography and printed original art. Categories include Abstract, Surreal, Nature, Urban, Minimalist, Beach, Fall, Flower Head, and CGI. Perhaps you want to search by genre? Choose from Hip Hop, Indie, Romance, Psychedelic, or Adventure. You can also search for art by mood (my favorite is Wanderlust, of course) and color! 

Your home is instantly transformed with this art. Whether you choose water or mountains, color or playfulness, the size of the art will turn your home into your very own art gallery. I am absolutely loving Salty Gradient against our blue wall; the colors of the waves and sky beautifully contrast against it.

Why You Need Big Wall Décor in Your Home

Take the colors, size, and creative inspiration that they offer to enhance your home! You'll be glad you did. 

Learn more: https://bigwalldecor.com

Why You Need Big Wall Décor in Your Home