It's All About the Art: BIG Wall Décor

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BIG Wall Décor, based in Michigan, is an innovative, two-part wall art system that is making large, statement wall art easy and affordable to own."Everyone deserves to feel proud to show off their home. We're on a mission to make it easier and more affordable for everyone to have significant art. Art that's massive. Made by real artists. Something that is unique. Artwork that matters to you. Little, generic canvases just don't have the same impact as massive wall art, you know?” explains founder Nick Ford, Big Wall Décor.

I absolutely LOVE the wide breadth of affordable, gorgeous art. Whatever colors, themes, or style you want adorning your home, BIG Wall Décor has it. I dove into the website and emerged quite a while later, order in hand, and drenched in color, the world, and joy. Review to come!

It's All About the Art: BIG Wall Décor

BIG Wall Décor founder Nick Ford was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and attended Western Michigan University. He didn’t venture far to find his love of art and technology. After a lengthy career in printing for high fashion luxury brands, Ford created BIG Wall Décor for cool, large artwork that was affordable. When not in the office he’s either watching Michigan football, on the streets of NYC with camera in hand looking for architecture lines and inspiring street art, shooting hoops, or grabbing lunch from Pronto pups in his hometown of Grand Haven, with his dog, Phoebe.

It's All About the Art: BIG Wall Décor

We were lucky enough to speak with Nick, and ask him about his organization, art, and more. Here's what he had to say...

Please tell us about BIG Wall Décor...
We help people find a significant piece of art so they can express themselves confidently. 

We do this by making massive wall art affordable and easy to own with our innovative two-part wall art system. The artwork is printed onto high-quality fabric, which stretches taut into the frame. Unlike canvas, our large wall art is durable and easy to ship. Each unique design is created by our community of emerging artists, who are paid for every purchase made. 

How did you come to start BIG Wall Décor?
For years, I worked in printing and marketing, creating high-quality signage for luxury brands. I realized all of the reasons brands loved our massive signs - affordable price, better durability than canvas, and ease of shipping - would fill a major hole in the art market. 

Because before BIG, it wasn't easy or affordable for the average person to own oversized art. And people really want huge art. It looks so cool. 

So we partnered with emerging artists to repurpose our B2B luxury signage as large, affordable wall art for your home. 

It's All About the Art: BIG Wall Décor

How do you discover your artists?
Mainly through social media. We're on the lookout for up and coming artists. We especially pay attention to artists with unique styles, creating meaningful pieces. Artists also approach us via email and social media with requests to join our community.

How can readers find you?
Instagram - @bigwalldecor
Facebook -  BIG Wall Décor
TikTok - @bigwalldecor
LinkedIn - BIG Wall Décor 

Is there anything else you'd like to share?
The wall art market has been under-serving for a long time. Too many people have been excluded from authentic, high-quality art. We're here to fix that. Our goal isn't just to make large wall art created by real artists affordable. We also want to make the art community inclusive, so artists can succeed and everyone feels confident expressing themselves.

It's All About the Art: BIG Wall Décor


All photos courtesy and copyright BIG Wall Décor, published with permission