Why You Should Vacation to the Same Destination

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Exploring new destinations is awesome. There’s nothing like a new adventure. It’s uncharted territory and a place you can discover new things. It’s getting away from the familiar and embracing the new opportunity. Globetrotting to exciting destinations and wandering the paths less traveled – willingly, because Tolkien was right – not all who wander are lost; some just love wandering because it takes them somewhere they wouldn’t expect. Like a wardrobe to Narnia.


Lake Huron sunset.


But sometimes you fall in love with a place that you want to go back again. And again and again (and maybe even again).


It can almost eat at you how much you love this place, yet still want to see the rest of the world that you feel conflicted. How do you visit both - or moreso, how do you justify returning somewhere when you might love the next destination more?


Most travelers would say do both, and how so many of us wish it were possible and that easy. Unfortunately, there’s this thing called ‘work.’ And then there’s this other thing called ‘money’ or for millennials like me ‘College Degreebt’ that we have to worry about.


While I do encourage exploring new destinations, I also encourage returning to destinations. There are plenty of good reasons to go back to certain places. And for those of you that are hesitant, or for those of you who want those sweet-nothings whispered in your ear that you’re right for wanting to return, I’ve complied 7 reasons why you should vacation to the same destination.


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1.       Because you can always find new adventures

No matter how well you think you know an area, there’s still more left to be explored. Think about your hometown – you think you know it well, but surely there are hidden gems you don’t know about (like that restaurant that looks like a hole-in-the-wall that serves the most delicious burgers for cheap) and it’s just as likely for any destination you return to. After all, vacations only last so long, so something you weren’t able to do one time can happen the following time. Or maybe you just happen to see something you’ve never noticed before. Bottom line is there’s always adventure to be found if you’re willing to explore.


“If only they’d look closer, they’d find out there’s so much more to me.” –Aladdin


2.       Because things change

The world is always changing. While you might not notice the little differences year by year, take a step back after 10 years and you might question if you’re in the same place. (Think about yourself how age 12 to 13 doesn’t seem like much, nor 13 to 14, but 12 to 14 does.) The place you love is always going to have something new to offer –maybe a new restaurant, a new miniature golf, or a new hotel- and it’s always exciting to see it happen over time. Plus, having changes makes it easy to find new adventures! (Ahem!)


3.       Because things remain the same

Contrary to point number 2, not everything changes, but that’s okay because there are some things we want to remain the same. After all, you don’t necessary want what you love about the place to change too much. It’s nice to have a balance of change while maintaining that love at first site appeal. Maybe it’s the gorgeous sunsets, or the historic feel, or the happiness you’re reminded of from the first time you visited – whatever it is, it’s there and it’s waiting for you.


Lake Huron sunset.


4.       Because you can create traditions

When you visit a place so often, you begin to write history. Humans encompass not only what we know, but what we experience. So when you find things that are consistently on the top of your ‘to do’ list while you’re at your favorite destination, you find doing them has become a part of you as well as the experience of the location. In turn, this makes your ‘to do’ list more like a tradition list, because skipping them is like putting your jeans on backwards – it doesn’t feel right. Then, as you encourage others to visit the destination, you pass off your traditions as highlights and continue writing history.


“Tradition does not mean that the living are dead, it means that the dead are living.” – Harold MacMillan


5.       Because you can make it ‘your place’

Having a place to make your own is something everyone dreams of; so why not find that special place to call yours? Whether it’s shared like the crowded but magical Disney or remote like a desolate but peaceful island, it can still be your place… A place to set your mark of where you love to go back and explore. A place you know like the back of your hand and have a set of traditions (ahem) you adhere to.  A place that is a part of you, and visiting there makes you, you.


Traditions at Disney


6.       Because it can be an investment

Depending on your situation, you can own a piece of your paradise. Many people have vacation homes or timeshares, and shouldn’t that vacation home or timeshare be located somewhere you love and actually want to spend time? Otherwise you’re just tossing money out the door (and may the wind blow it my way). In these instances, it might make sense to invest. Why spend outrageous amounts of money renting, when you could own – and even rent out while you’re not there to make money… Money made on ‘your place.’


7.       Because you love it.

Do you really need any stronger reasoning? Falling in love with a destination can be easy, but also hard, but when you find that one destination that rises above them all in your heart and mind, there should be no doubt about where you’re booking your next travels to. You don’t need a wardrobe to Narnia or to wander with Tolkien when you’ve got a love that’s oh so fine.

Why You Should Vacation to the Same Destination


“I got a love that keeps me waiting” – Lonely Boy by the Black Keys…. And luckily, that lovely destination is waiting for you too.


Why do you like vacationing to the same destination?