#StudyAbroadBecause It Can Change Your Reality

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Michelle Belair is a wanderer, social worker, and writer who aims to share the beauty of the world - the nature that creates it and the individuals that inhabit it. With an interest in travel, self-development, and vegan living, she believes that the best way to live is by fueling your heart and energy with all the things that bring you joy and passion. To read more from Michelle, follow her at She studied abroad in Barbados.

Three Tows to Shore: Misadventures on Lake Huron

by Brianna Krueger / Sep 14, 2015 /
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Everyone on the boat – Check. Enough life jackets – After a minor delay, Check. Gas – Check. Already completed half the trip – Check.

Three Tows to Shore: Misadventures on Lake Huron

#StudyAbroadBecause you will see the beauty of the unknown

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Originating from Paradise, Newfoundland, Morgan Chafe is completing her Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op) with a concentration in the field of Marketing and Communications at Memorial University. She is a lover of fashion, politics, travel and food while living on a student budget. Some of her favourite things include: coffee, Netflix, lipstick and peonies. Follow her on twitter and instagram @MorganChafe.

A Storytelling Workshop in Morocco

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Deep Travel returns to Morocco this October, inviting you on a nine-day workshop to help preserve a fading art form: storytelling.

Morocco's ancient storytelling tradition stretches back over 1,000 years. For generations, masters of the art performed their iconic tales in Marrakech's main square, Jamaa el Fna. But in these days of TV and Internet, such a subtle art form is being lost.

Undefeated: The Story of Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry

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There are a few things that Michiganders know, growing up. One is the beauty of a Michigan winter (good thing, because it is very snowy and cold!). Second is the incredible landscape we live in, from beaches to mountains, city to rural, and even a few islands thrown in. Another is our strong work ethic – arising from our northern European ancestors, and strengthened through winter and landscape. We honor this work ethic here, in a variety of ways.

All Aboard the Sloop John B

There comes a time, in every holiday, where there is a high-point every bit as evocative as the view from the Eiffel Tower or the sight of the Acropolis, or a dip in a lagoon in Bora Bora – and I am not talking bomb crater in Afghanistan here! I’m talking about that most pleasurable of moments when you say, “I’m going home.” It happens no matter how great the holiday has been, no matter how many “I don’t want this to end” moments you have had.

Collaborations: Stories Told in Word and Melody

by Kerry Dexter / Aug 17, 2015 /
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Music is a collaborative art and a solitary one -- solitary at times in creation and at practice and study, collaborative with listeners, other players and singers, and at times, with musicians who are also partners in life. From the landscapes and traditions of Cape Breton, Ontario, Texas, Ireland, and Boston, among other places, Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy, Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis, and Matt and Shannon Heaton draw their stories told in word and melody...

The Soul of Place

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Writers and seekers of place, there's a great new resource for us! Linda Lappin has penned a new book, called The Soul of Place: A Creative Writing Workbook, Ideas and Exercises for Conjuring the Genius Loci. And let me tell you, this is a book full of inspiration, guidance, and a great deal of thought. It will change your writing!

#StudyAbroadBecause there are unlimited resources

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Li Guo is an international student from China. She just graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She has been studying for the GRE test during summer. Recently, she just moved to Cambridge, MA area to job-hunt. In her leisure time, she enjoys exploring nature, such as hiking, biking, and fishing. 

Closing the book: Travels in Life, Loss, and Literature

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This is the most beautiful book I have ever read. It’s at once a memoir, an ode to favorite literature, a glimpse into teaching – and writing. Joelle Renstrom’s new book, Closing the book: Travels in Life, Loss, and Literature, is a work of art.