10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

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Welcome to the exquisite Pannonian-Adriatic gem of Eastern Europe that is Croatia. Adorned with a long stretch of quintessential deep karst mountains belonging to the Dinaric Alps, the steep Dalmatian Coast, and the pristine, deep blue Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a world-class travel destination.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia
Split, the nucleus and biggest urban city of the Dalmatian Coast, portrays an exhilarating ambiance that imprints an unforgettable fondness and familiarity in any visitors mind. The intraregional transportation system, which includes a great ferry ride, makes it easy and convenient to conduct day tours from Split.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

1. Ancient History

Ancient history is still firmly embedded in modern-day Split. A tour of the town gives one a captivating and interesting history that is still visible and tangible. The Diocletian’s Palace is one of the dominant structures that has defied human encroachment and historical times. Living at the palace will definitely actualize one's dream of living in a museum.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

2. Genuine Food

Split has a plentiful supply of restaurants serving very aromatic and tasty meals. The popular dishes here are made up of seafood, olive oil, and garlic and rosemary seasonings. During high peak seasons, the town is very populous and busy, making it difficult even to access a table in a restaurant. Other traditional dishes served include stuffed bell peppers, baby beef stew, and meatballs in sauce, among others. Despite their distinct taste, Split food is inspired by tastes from bordering countries and traditions passed on by different rulers.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

3. The Transport Hub

The major transport facility to the islands of Solta, Korcula, Brac, or Vis is by the ferries. The well-organized transport system in Split makes it simple to access neighboring destinations. The stalls on the sides of the waterfront provide baggage holding services, thus helping one to ease the burden of moving to the islands with a heavy load. After a tour to the islands, buses are readily available to drive one to the airport or a train to the next stop.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

4. Nightlife Spontaneity

Even with a walled structure of historical ruins, the nightlife in Split has an urban feel with an atmosphere that it liberal, free, and relaxed. There are live music performances, bars you can enjoy excellent wine from and restaurants that serve great food. There is also an organized stadium fest symbolized with awesome fireworks and flashing lasers that goes on for three days. 

5. Exotic Coffee

Taking coffee in Split is ceremonious and religious. There is never any hurry; just get lost in the aroma and fine quality of their coffee. This is a tradition that is especially observed in the afternoons under their generous sun on the palace terraces while gazing at curious travelers. The coffee culture promotes relaxation and a reason to let go and live and momentarily forget that there are bills to settle back home. 
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

6. Old Town

Split's Old Town main landmarks are the Diocletian’s Palace identified with a confined village at the nucleus of the town and the medieval streets that unwind west of the village. The palace is also marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A historical glimpse of the origins of the palace narrates that it was built by a Roman Emperor as a place of solace, power, and warfare strategy. The village that was once occupied by servants and subjects of the emperor is now a harbor for citizens and visitors, markets, bars, restaurants, and shopping stalls. The central point of the palace is signified by a colossal courtyard identified as the Perystile. The palace is also characterized by underground vaults that were used as torture chambers and the Cathedral of St. Dominus that houses a plentiful array of arts and sculptors.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

7. Beach Fun

Enjoying some great water sports and tanning at the beach is also a major reason for one to step into the magical Split. The Bacvice beach is within walking distance from the mainland’s ferry dock and bus station. It’s a perfect place to unwind while enjoying a few drinks. Its modesty makes it a perfect choice for families who want to have some beach fun together. Picingin, a local tennis ball game, is also popular at the beach.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

8. Viewing from Marjan Hill

If one wants to catch a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Split peninsula, Marjan Hill offers a fantastic view. It is a place of solitude with fresh air from the pine trees and solace from all the buzz and commotion of the city. The view is not just what the hill can offer, but there are also churches such as the St. Jerome, and St. Nicholas that you can visit. The churches are still home to a good number of tombstones that were used before civilization.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia

9. Bacvice Bay

Even with all the nightlife pomp and fun, there is a restriction on noise when it gets deeper in the night. If one is still in a hyper mode and does not want bid goodbye to the adrenaline ambiance of the night, the Bacvice Bay is a blissful next stop. The streets are lined with bars, cafes, and restaurants to cater to ones every desire and craving.

10. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones fans will be thrilled to have a tour of film locations of the record hit that is also the queen’s favorite series. However, don’t be alarmed, there are no night walkers here. Winter is never coming! Well, at least, rarely.
10 Reasons you should visit Split, Croatia
Split has evolved from being a stopover site for tourist to a main tourist destination. Due to the maze of streets in the palace, it is often advisable to hire a tour guide to help you get your way around. Splits Mediterranean climate is characterized by warm summers and mild winters that offer a perfect destination for outdoor lovers. Accommodation facilities are affordable, so one does not have to worry about missing out on all the goodness that Split has up its sleeve. Prices only go high during the street bonanza.