5 Tips on Traveling with Havanese dogs

by Katie Wellman / Dec 14, 2012 / 0 comments

Havanese dogs originated from Cuba, where they are the national dog of Cuba today. They are a descendant of the extinct Blanquito de la Habana, which means “little white dog of Havana,” who in turn descended from the also extinct Bichon Tenerife. Their coats can be hard to take care of as the fur grows longer. If you want your dog to have long hair, it won’t be an easy task to have it look gorgeous unless you brush it two or three times a week! But they are hypoallergenic and do not shed. We keep our dog’s hair short as it is hard to take care of long. 


Tips on Traveling with Havanese dogs


They love playing and socializing; they’re good with kids and other animals!
Since we have a Havanese and travel a lot I thought some tips on how to travel with them (or other small dogs) would be helpful to others.


Tips on Traveling with Havanese dogs


1: Should you bring your Havanese while traveling?

If you can, yes. Your dog will miss you if you leave and you must take the note that these are not robots - they have feelings too!


2: What if I am unable to bring my dog traveling?

If you have a good friend who is willing to take the dog, let them take it. Then you know that they are in good hands and will be taken care of.


3: But what if my friends can’t take my dog?

If they can’t take your dog, find a trustworthy dog kennel - preferably the ones were they check on your dog, walk them, and feed them if not twice then once daily.


Tips on Traveling with Havanese dog


4: How should I take my dog on the plane?

Most commonly you have to have them put under the plane, but some flights allow you to take them on the flight with you. When I went to Rome, we brought our Havanese on the plane. Of course you have to put them in a dog bag or carrying kennel (the cloth ones with the mesh).


5: Do I have to bring my doggie’s kennel everywhere I travel?

No.  My family doesn’t. Set an extra pillow on the ground in your hotel room and let him roam around. When he is tired he will sleep. Or if your dog absolutely cannot sleep without their kennel, bring a travel one along with you. But mainly this just adds to the baggage.


Note: If you don’t want your dog sleeping ON the bed, you may not want to let them roam around.


Tips on Traveling with Havanese dog



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