Best Places To Travel In Italy

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Italy has been a tourist magnet for people across the globe for its romantic coastal towns, irresistible art, architecture, and spectacular food. Whether it is a lesson in history, sprawling acres of vineyards or the uninterrupted peace by the lakes, Italy has it all. 

Planning a vacation this summer to the Mediterranean? Visit Amalfi Coast in Italy for a relaxed yet fun-filled summer. Here are a few captivating places one should visit on their trip to the land of divine creations. 

Best Places To Travel In Italy

1. Rome

Filled with ancient monuments and art galleries, the Vatican City provides a beautiful insight into the history of how Rome wasn't built in a day. Although the city is jam-packed with tourists for the most part of the year, the Pantheon, Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and the numerous basilicas and museums are a must visit when in Rome. Do not forget to relish the gelatos and pasta while exploring the ancient city. 

2. Naples

Located in the southern coast of Italy, Naples provides a good base to visit most of the colourful coastal towns such as Amalfi, Positano and Sorrento along with the historical city-Pompeii. It is situated close to the oldest active volcano, Mount Vesuvius that holds a historic significance in turning the city of Pompeii to ruins. Naples also happens to be the birthplace of the beloved dish-pizza so make sure to visit the L'antica Pizzeria in Naples for an authentic Neapolitan Margherita pizza. 

3. Tuscany

Tuscany is arguably the most marvelous region in Italy for those who revel in the concept of art and wine. Surrounded by acres of rolling fields filled with vineyards and olive groves, the countryside of Tuscany makes for a perfect vacation for those inclined towards some seclusion and peace. One can even opt for some adventurous treks along the Apennine Mountains or simply enjoy the waters at Island Elba. The world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in Tuscany and is definitely worth spending a day here. 
Best Places To Travel In Italy

4. Florence

While it technically belongs to the Tuscan region, Florence is a city best known for its Renaissance architecture and romantic sunsets. The famous Duomo and Uffizi Gallery should be on everyone’s bucket list, not to mention Michelangelo’s David. Exploring the cobbled streets of the city will get you up and close with the Tuscan flavours of food. Florence is also famous for some cheap yet quality leather products, along with handmade bath products. 

5. Amalfi Coast

This charming coastal town in the Campania region is a breathtaking beauty surrounded by cragged cliffs, mesmerising beaches and stunning mountainscapes. Located just around an hour away from Naples, Amalfi Coast is a popular choice amongst most of the glitterati as well for its laid back environment. It is a nice and quaint town to visit for a sun-soaked beach vacation while still enjoying the delicious food and shopping options this Mediterranean town has to offer. 

So go ahead and immerse yourself in a world of Renaissance art, vibrant coasts, and exquisite food when visiting this incredible country. 

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Best Places To Travel In Italy