4 Ways to Prepare for Extended Travel

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For those of us who travel abroad for work, it is important for us to take care of as much as possible before we leave the country. By taking care of potential problems from the start, we can make the most of our journeys and avoid disastrous situations. Here are four ways to prepare for your next trip.

4 Ways to Prepare for Extended Travel

Be Fiscally Fit

Making sure your finances are in order should be top priority. When travelling outside the country, we often rely on our cards to handle our transactions. While that is the effortless way, what happens if our cards are stolen? It is best to work with a bank or service that can help you in times of need. And what if you want cash? Some cards charge exorbitant fees to get cash out of a bank or atm. International money transfers can help you in big ways while overseas. With options ranging from cash at the bank to transfers into bank accounts to recurring transfers, you can rest easy knowing that you will not be financially strapped while travelling and working. 

Keep A Phone Book

In age in which none of us memorize phone numbers, or even keep physical phone books, it may sound counterintuitive to keep a written record of important contacts. However, faced with an emergency it can prove to be a beneficial move. Especially if something were to happen to your phone! Here are some numbers to have written down for emergency:
•  Family members to contact in an emergency, choose your ICE contacts from your cell phone!
•  Numbers of the American Embassies and Consulates for each country you will be travelling to.
•  Numbers to your health insurance company.
•  Employers contact information.

Learn the Laws

Each country and each city within those countries have their own laws. Learn them! By understanding the laws before you enter the country, you can save yourself a lot of legal hassle in the long run. Some laws may not make any sense to you - it is a different culture and way of thinking. It’s important to respect the culture even though you may not agree with it. It is equally important to understand what your rights are when it comes to a potential arrest. Americans are used to the idea that we have a right to legal representation and may be surprised when they are treated otherwise for what we would consider a minor offense.

Be Smart About Your Health

If you have a health condition that requires medications, you are going to want to take extra precaution to ensure that you have what you need. Not all medicines are available in other countries, so first check with your doctor on the ease of obtaining prescription meds in your destination. If you cannot retrieve them there, get enough to last you the entire time you are gone. This can prove difficult for some medicines, so there may need to be an alternate medicine that is used for the time being. Additionally, make sure all of your prescriptions are in bottles that are clean and clearly marked. You can check to see about taking a TSA notification card that shows your medical condition that requires the said medicine. 

Overall, travelling abroad should be a wondrous and spectacular event in your life. By taking these precautions, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable venture into another country to do great work.

What do you do to prepare for extended travel?