5 Great Ways to Explore Central Park

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With its breathtaking views, flat and hilly terrain, New York’s landmark park is a beloved, natural gem for many tourists. Home to 843 acres of famous attractions, hidden histories, and vibrant flora, Central Park offers a wonderful chance to explore the city’s wondrous green space.

5 Great Ways to Explore Central Park

There are lots of ways to tour the Central Park, while taking in the scenery, stopping for photosk and getting a breath of fresh air. Whether you’re on a solo tour, a group tour with friendsk or visiting New York City, here are our favorite ways to explore Central Park.  

5 Great Ways to Explore Central Park

Central Park Bike Tours 

According to a website that specializes in Bike Rental Central Park in New York City, nothing beats the experience of exploring Central Park than on two wheels. Explore Central Park and its surroundings like a native by renting a bike. Bike rentals are available for one hour, two hours or even a whole day. 

Explore iconic sites like Strawberry Fields and Bethesda Fountain, eat at popular spots, challenge yourself with bike workouts, and have fun exploring. The possibilities are endless. You can opt to have a personalized tour, or choose to have a planned group or family-friendly bike tour with baby seats available. 

Guided Tours 

There is an excellent series of guided tours offered by the Central Park Conservancy. Get access to sections of the park that are not normally open to the publick like the Hallett Nature Sanctuary and the Pond. Hit the trails in small touring groups along wood-chipped trails to see the park’s woodland landscapes. These guided tours are perfect for nature lovers.

From $15/person, you can get tickets for walking tours at the Central Park Conservancy. Group gatherings are at the Jose Marti Statue at the Central Park’s South & 6th Avenue. 

Central Park Pedicab Tours

Hop in the back of a pedicab and enjoy the views as someone else does the pedaling. These tours take you along the shaded paths of Central Park for one or two hours, covering all major attractions. Led by licensed guides, pedicab tours are great for tourists that want to learn everything about the park.   

Whether you want to learn about the park’s history, world-famous film locations, plants, birds or animal life in and around the park, you get to enjoy the most popular attractions, mainly in the Southern half of the park. Get tickets for Central Park pedicab tours from $85/person. 

On Location Tours

Over 40 million visitors flock to Central Park each year. According to NYC tour experts, those who don’t do their research miss out on some of the best Central Park attractions on offer. Walk through any path in Central Park, and you’ll come across a variety of tours. From TV & Movie Sites tours to walking tours on the park’s most famous path, there is a lot to explore on location. 

5 Great Ways to Explore Central Park

Visit famous filming locations, take strolls along the backdrops of some iconic movies like Home Alone 2 and Breakfast at Tiffany’sk or even cross paths with some of your favorite stars. Many live in nearby neighborhoods.  

Walking Tours

Walking tours offer some of the most impressive views of Central Park’s attractions. With 58 miles of pedestrian paths in the park, you can opt to join one or two-hour walking tours to explore the park’s lesser-known attractions. 


New York City has an abundance of public parks, architectural achievements and other numerous attractions. With a million things to do, exploring the world famous Central Park is the kind of experience you don’t want to miss. Grab a friend to bring along, too! 


What is your favorite way to explore Central Park?