5 Ways You Can Afford to Travel the World

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Most people dream of one day travelling the world. But, as we get older and start to have more responsibilities, dreams start to fade. Whether you want to see the Mayan Ruins or go on a once in a lifetime trip to India, the time to do it is now. Travelling is easier than you think. Having enough money isn’t impossible. Here are five ways that you can afford to travel the world. 

5 Ways You Can Afford to Travel the World

1# Plan Carefully:

The most obvious way to choose when and where you want to go and estimate the costs. When you have a number in mind, you have something to work towards. Why not set aside a percentage of your salary each month to build up your travel money? You should also consider where you want to go. Your dollars and euros are worth more in some countries compared to others. 

2# Save Weekly and Budget:

Another easy way is to cut your weekly spending by avoiding non-essential things. Instead of going out to a restaurant or bar three times a week, just go out once. You can put all of the extra money into saving for your dream trip. 

Save weekly and budget! From 5 Ways You Can Afford to Travel the World

3# Take a Short-Term Loan: 

If for whatever reason you want to travel now, you could always borrow some money from the bank. I’ve met quite a few people who plan to live their dream before getting married and starting a family. If they don’t do it now, their dream may be lost. Young people may not be able to afford it and have a poor credit history. Yet, you could consider guarantor loans or ask your bank for other short-term options. 

Yes, you’re borrowing money and you do need to pay it back. But, you have the rest of your life to do that.

4# Become an English Teacher:

Not many people know that you can go to another country and become an English teacher. Some countries offer huge salaries compared to the cost of living whereas others give you enough to survive. This is a great way to travel, experience the country, and save up a bit of extra cash. 

You need an initial investment in a TESOL/ESL course before you can start. When you have this, the world really is your oyster. Popular places to travel and teach are across Asia. 

Teach English! From 5 Ways You Can Afford to Travel the World

5# Start an Online Business:

The final way that you can live your dream of travelling the world is to start an online business and become a digital nomad. This may take a year or two to reach a perfect level of income. When you do, you can effectively work anywhere that has a stable Wi-Fi connection. In a nutshell, you can start a freelancing business doing almost anything. 

The best part about this is that one week you can be sat in a café overlooking the beach, and the next using public Wi-Fi whilst relaxing in the park. 

Work online. From 5 Ways You Can Afford to Travel the World

The Takeaway Message:

Don’t let your dream of travelling the world fade over time and get lost to responsibilities. If you’re reading this, you must want to travel. Why not make a pact to yourself and take some action to make it a reality? Follow one or all of these ways...and you’ll never regret it. 


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