5 Ways to Travel the World Solo

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If you’ve ever dreamed of lying on a beach in the tropics, watching the sea crash against the shore while sipping on a cold beverage, you’ve probably come up with all kinds of ideas on how you could actually achieve the dream. Traveling is an incredible experience—you get to see new places, experience new cultures, and eat wonderful food. The biggest drawback is it costs money… and without a way to fund your adventures, you will remain lying on your sofa dreaming, rather than doing. Luckily, the following are five ways you can fund your travels and scratch the itch. 

5 Ways to Travel the World Solo

Take Out a Personal Loan

An unfortunate reality of a lifestyle on the road is there will always be some startup costs, whether it is plane tickets, visas, or funding for qualifications. You must also consider that you should always have money for emergencies. Taking out a personal loan to finance travel from a private lender is a good option, as it will give you peace of mind that you’ll have a financial cushion to fall back on. The memories you create will live with you for a lifetime, and if you want total freedom, then a personal loan is the best option.


Teaching is one of the easiest ways to see the world. There are schools in most countries that are looking for people to teach English; often the requirements are little more than a bachelor’s degree and being a native speaker. It is also possible to find teaching jobs without a degree. Not all involve teaching children, either. There are many adults who want to improve their conversational skills or prepare for a job interview. Once you have gained experience, it will be easier to find new countries to move to. Teaching is a great way to see the world and work at the same time. 


If you have a desire to help people and feel you have skills to offer, volunteering is a great way to travel to new places. As well as being a rewarding experience in itself, you will be able to sample cultures and get to know the locals in a different way. The nature of the experience will mean you will get closer to people and make lifelong friends, while also giving something back to their community. Many volunteering opportunities will provide a salary for you to buy food, as well as offering accommodations. This is a great way to truly sample local ways of living. 


Putting your pen to paper and recording your experiences along the way while also making money from it is a dream job. If you feel you have a knack for writing and want to combine it with trips across the world, there are many blogs online that will pay you for what you write. You can also explore the possibility of setting up your own travel blog and gaining money through advertising or partnerships. 

Work Remotely 

Taking your existing job with you is not something people always consider, but in the modern world, remote working is always a possibility. You can keep a job you are good at and enjoy, while also seeing new places. It is worth exploring the possibility with the company you work for to see if they can accommodate remote working.