7 Things to do in the Seychelles

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An archipelago of 115 islands, some coral and some granite, 40 of which are inhabited. Birds, rare flowers, stunning beaches, and a tropical rainforest climate. Where are you? The Seychelles, the smallest (population-wise) African country, located hundreds of miles east of Kenya, northeast of Madagascar. The Seychelles has had a long history of diverse immigrant population (there is no indigenous population), including British rule until 1976. A free education system since 1981 has ensured a high literacy rate for the entire population.


The Seychelles is a global leader in sustainable tourism. So on your trip to the Seychelles, what should you see and do – and eat? Here are our top 7 tips:


7 things to do in the Seychelles (hint: it's more than beaches!)

Photo Wikimedia Commons: Tobi87, adapted by Wandering Educators


It’s all about beaches, on islands.


The beautiful beach of "Anse Cocos", La Digue, Seychelles.

The beautiful beach of "Anse Cocos", La Digue, Seychelles. Photo Wikimedia Commons: Tobi87


The best beaches are scattered across the archipelago. You might consider:


La Digue Island

There are some famous rock beaches here. Don’t worry – these are silky white sand beaches, sometimes littered with enormous boulders! Try hitting Anse Source D’Argent, the most famous beach in the Seychelles, or Petite Anse.


Anse Source D'Argent, Seychelles - what a gorgeous beach!

Anse Source D’Argent. Photo Wikimedia Commons: Martin 120



The best beach on this island is Anse Major (only reached by foot or boat!). It’s a white-sand beach, and local tourist police can watch your belongings. You can also visit Beau Vallon (there are lifeguards at this beach), Anse Intendance (one of the most unspoiled beaches in the archipelago), and Anse Takamaka.


Beau Vallon - one of the best beaches in the Seychelles

Beau Vallon. Photo Wikimedia Commons: welcomematt22


Anse Intendance - a beautiful beach in the Seychelles

Anse Intendance. Photo Wikimedia Commons: Masibogasi


Anse Takamaka, another gorgeous white sand beach in the Seychelles

Anse Takamaka. Photo Wikimedia Commons: Tobi87



Visit Anse Georgette (take a boat taxi from Anse Volbert) or Anse Lazio, which features smooth, calm, shallow waters surrounded by enormous boulders.


Anse Georgette, a gorgeous beach in the Seychelles

Anse Georgette. Photo Wikimedia Commons: Sunshine Lady


Anse Lazio, a popular beach in the Seychelles

Anse Lazio. Photo Wikimedia Commons: Tobi87


Of course, ANY island will feature great beaches – it’s just a matter of discovering them!


Gorgeous beaches in the Seychelles - ready to be discovered!

Photo Wikimedia Commons: Pedro Ocejo


Water sports

As you can imagine with any tropical archipelago, water sports are rampant. You can boat, fish, scuba, snorkel, swim, canoe, kayak, windsurf, sail, and more. IF you can bring yourself to leave the beach...


Blue fish, Seychelles

Poissons chirurgiens by Olivier GRYSON, on Flickr creative commons


Silhouette Island, Seychelles
Silhouette Island by David Stanley, on Flickr creative commons



The capital of the Seychelles is Victoria, located on Mahé Island. And, 90% of the population lives on this island. So if you’re into shopping, you can definitely do it here. Get your start at the Sir Selwyn Clark Market, where you can buy fresh fish, fruits, veggies, and spices, as well as peruse shops selling locally handcrafted items (including a gorgeous sarong!). Open every day, busiest on Saturdays.


Colorful sarongs at the Market in Victoria, Seychelles

Colorful sarongs, Victoria Market. Photo Wikimedia Commons: Tribalninja





As you might imagine in the Seychelles, the plant life here is incredibly lush – and diverse. If you’re on Mahé, be sure to visit the Victoria Botanical Gardens (500 species of plants!), including the Coco de Mer Palm, a double coconut which only grows in the Seychelles. You can also see plenty of wildlife here, including giant tortoises. On Praslin Island, be sure to visit the Vallée de Mai Nature Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). On many of the islands, you can hire a local guide to explore, or rent bikes, or take a hike.


Vallée de Mai Nature Park., Seychelles

Vallée de Mai Nature Park. Photo Wikimedia commons: Dreizung


Closeup of an Aldabra tortoise in the Mont Fleuri Botanical Gardens at Victoria, Seychelles

Closeup of an Aldabra tortoise in the Mont Fleuri Botanical Gardens at Victoria, Seychelles. Photo flickr creative commons: David Stanley


Female coco de mer, Seychelles (rare and endemic double coconut)

Female coco de mer. Photo Wikimedia commons



The Seychelles is a bird-watchers dream! While you’re at Vallée de Mai, be sure to look for the rare (and endemic) Seychelles Black Parrot. You can also look for the endangered Seychelles paradise-flycatcher, and visit Aride Island, where Christopher Cadbury (yes, chocolate) established a nature reserve, which has more bird species than all the other islands put together.


A Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher taken at La Veuve Special Réserve (La Digue, Seychelles)

A Seychelles Paradise-flycatcher taken at La Veuve Special Réserve (La Digue, Seychelles). Photo Wikimedia commons: Hubris.nemesis


Get active

You can rock climb, hike, zipline, and walk if you want to get off the beach. But really? Just kidding! There is more to life than beaches… Be sure to hike the Morne Seychellois National Park (Mahé , and make a stop at the tea factory there.


Morne Seychellois National Park

Morne Seychellois National Park by David Stanley, on Flickr creative commons



Ah yes, I’ve saved the best for last. Cuisine in the Seychelles revolves, as you might imagine, around seafood – it’s fresh! The local cuisine has a variety of influences, including British, French, Indian, Chinese, and African, resulting in a local sort of Creole flavor. Local spices include tamarind, ginger, lemongrass, and curries. Look for plenty of coconut additions, as well as fresh fruit. Things to watch out for (and decide if you want to partake) include rousettes (fruit bats), shark chutney, and ladob (sweet potatoes and plantain, boiled in coconut milk, and server either sweet with sugar and vanilla, or savory with salted fish).


Fresh grilled fish at Bazar Labrin, Seychelles

Bazar Labrin by David Stanley, on Flickr creative commons




The weather

The weather is remarkable all year round. However, please note there is a rainy season - December and January have the wettest climate, and February-May will boast the highest humidity. Most people plan their visits between June and September.


Flying in

The international Airport is located on Mahé Island


Getting around

Most people take Cat Cocos (a catamaran) or the Interisland Ferry Services (also catamaran). You can also take a small plane to island hop.


plane for island hopping in the Seychelles

plane for island hopping the Seychelles, by tiarescott, on Flickr creative commons


What to pack

Very light clothing – items that dry easily
Bathing suits
Small daypack for trips
Water shoes/sandals (like Tevas)
Camera, batteries, memory cards
Mosquito spray



Ready to go? What will you do first?




The Seychelles - more than beaches! Top things to do, see, and eat in the Seychelles

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