Take These 8 Apps Along On Your Next Flight

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Whether it’s to the other side of the country or another country altogether, flying to any destination is an exercise in boredom. The in-flight movie selection is often lacking or dull, and not everyone likes reading books. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, however, is that everything they need is actually right there with them in their pocket – a smartphone. By downloading the right apps, they can turn their smartphone into a DIY entertainment system for a relaxing and entertaining trip...without bothering anyone.

Not all apps will work during a flight, as they require a constant internet connection. Paying for the in-flight internet (if available) is an option, but it’s usually extremely overpriced. Thankfully, there are still a number of great apps out there that can work offline.

Here’s a list of the best ones to take along. 

Take These 8 Apps Along On Your Next Flight

1. Spotify 

What’s a flight without some hot beats or calming melodies to pass the time? Some flights offer a decent music selection, but they still can’t hold a candle to a personalized music list. Spotify has millions of songs to choose from and many amazing playlists. Plus, anyone who’s been using it for a while will know that the platform’s algorithms provide a great personal playlist. 

Anyone with a Spotify Premium membership can download and listen to their playlists offline. 

2. Pocket 

Everyone has a list of content they save for later and still want to get to. Whether those are saved articles, blog posts, or videos – Pocket has it covered. The app allows users to save anything they want, so they can read or watch it later. It can also create a curated list of things based on what a person likes and keep their feed updated. 

What makes this great for a flight is that auto syncing the app makes all that content available offline. 

3. Netflix 

Good old Netflix can come through even during hours-long flights. It hardly needs any introduction, but for those not in the loop, Netflix is a video streaming service. It’s filled with hundreds of great movies and series. 

Best of all? Both movies and series’ episodes can be watched offline during a flight. Just make sure to download them first. 

4. Audible 

Sometimes reading feels like a chore, and lugging big books around is no fun either. Audible is a great alternative to that, with a massive library of audiobooks spanning every genre. Make sure to take some earbuds along for listening on the plane and download the books onto the device beforehand. 

Take These 8 Apps Along On Your Next Flight

5. Minecraft Pocket Edition 

The original Minecraft sandbox game was an addictive pastime, and the mobile version is no different. Explore various biomes, craft items, build a house, and fight off monsters in this extremely popular 3-D pixelated game. It can be played online with others, but the offline single-player mode is perfect for flights. 

6. NordVPN 

This might seem like a strange addition to this list since a VPN won’t work offline, but traveling isn’t just about the flight. There’s waiting in the airport and hanging out afterward in various other places like restaurants and hotels, that all provide free WiFi. 

All the fun and entertainment a smartphone brings can be quickly flushed down the drain if it gets infected or hacked. Avoid getting malware or having credentials stolen by going online with a VPN and using it throughout the trip. NordVPN comes highly recommended as one of the leading VPN services in the industry. 

Plus, a VPN also comes in handy for when other apps (like Netflix) aren’t supported in another country. 

7. Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited 

Staying sane while being 10,000+ feet in the air isn’t just about playing games and watching series. It’s about keeping the little ones entertained too if they’re traveling along – which can be a big challenge. 

Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited contains thousands of children's movies and series, games, and educational content. All of which are accessible offline by downloading them onto the phone. Just plan ahead by downloading a few things before taking off and keep everyone happy during the flight. 

8. Headspace 

Every hour of the flight doesn’t have to be filled with constant entertainment. Sometimes having a few hours away from other distractions is a great time to do some reflecting and meditation. There are plenty of good meditation apps available for both iOS and Android devices, but Headspace is fully customizable and works offline too. 

When using Headspace, people can set up a profile dedicated to the type of meditation that fits their needs and lifestyle. Few other meditation apps provide that level of personalization. 

Take These 8 Apps Along On Your Next Flight

Whoever feels that flying is boring just never had the right apps. Those listed here are a great start to making flights fun again and will provide diversions for even the most nervous fliers. Whether it’s a short 2-hour flight or a daunting 18-hour journey, don’t leave the house without a fully-charged phone and some of these fantastic apps.