Best Tips for Exchange Students

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Thousands of students travel to different parts of the world per year in order to further their education abroad. But it's not easy to adapt to a new environment and culture. Here is a list of exchange student tips that they can follow in order to make their lives easy. 

Best Tips for Exchange Students

1.    Make new friends – You will not be able to survive without friends anywhere. Although it can be difficult and stressful, the first thing that you need to do when you go to a foreign country would be to make new friends. The friends you make can be your lifesavers throughout the stay. 

2.    Spend more time with your host family – You are getting an excellent support system in the form of your host family - spend more time with them! Otherwise, you would feel like you are stuck in a house that is full of strangers. You should take the courageous step to spend as much time with the host family as possible. If everyone in the host family watches TV downstairs, you can also go there and join with them. Go with them on errands, to events, etc.

3.    Ask about house rules – When you are talking with your host family, it is important to ask and get to know about house rules. It is your responsibility to ask about these rules even if they don’t tell you. For example, you can ask about what type of food you can eat out of the refrigerator, and how does the Wi-Fi work, and how they expect you to help around the house. 

4.    Avoid the computer – You must talk with your friends and family members through the internet, but you should not spend several hours a day doing so. When you stay in front of the computer throughout the entire day, you isolate yourself. In addition, you might not be learning about your new culture or speaking your host language. 

5.    Be honest – You should not allow sadness or anger to wallow up within your body. You should open up to your host parents and let them know how you feel. If you are struggling with your host language, you try as hard as you can to relate your problems - your host family can help you.

6.    Learn to say thank you – Most foreign exchange students are shy, whether by nature or not being comfortable speaking in a different language. Learning how to say thank you at every time will assist you to express your ideas without any hassle. This can also help you to show others that you appreciate their favors. 

7.    Get help with your academics – You might struggle to complete your assignments on time. You should not be stressed in such instances, because you can easily get assistance from others. For example, if you need help with your essays, you can contact and let them help you to complete the assignment on time. As your friends for copies of their notes from class, to help you study.