Colors, Toys, and Games and Chuck E. Cheese's

by Connor Gayne / Dec 03, 2014 / 0 comments

Chuck E. Cheese’s is an awesome place to go where there are rides, games, and kids running around just because they’re so happy. There are many fun attractions, such as a man in a costume dressed as a giant mouse with a big smile. There are also great deals on food, such as pizza and soda, for when you are hungry.


Chuck E. Cheese's

Chuck E. Cheese's. Photo courtesy flickr creative commons: Mike Mozart


Chuck E. Cheese’s is a cool place, but what also makes it fun is what it looks like on the inside. There are bright colors such as purple, green, orange, blue, and yellow, scattered all over the place. There are chairs and tables for parents and children to relax, and there are places for the kids to eat in the back of the room. All the while, kids are having fun and laughing.

The best part about Chuck E. Cheese’s is the tickets. Whenever a kid wins a game or hits the jackpot, they can go to the prize counter. At the prize counter, there are cool toys that make kids happy to get. When they’re finished playing with that toy, they can always try to win another one.

If you have a birthday party here, you get to go in this fun thing called the ticket blaster. When you get in, the tickets start flying all around you and in 60 seconds you have to get as many as you can. If you are there at the same time as a birthday party, you can see the staff sing happy birthday to a child and it is really fun for the birthday kid.

They have many nice games, but the one I like a lot is the classic whack a mole. It is a good game for stress relief!


When you go to Chuck E. Cheese’s, you’re sure to create nice family memories and have a lot of fun. Have you been to Chuck E. Cheese's with your kids? What was the best part?





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