Earn Your Degree While Traveling the World

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May 24, 2013 / 0 comments

Taking a year to travel after high school is a dream for many youth. Once upon a time, this meant that you had to make a decision. Did you go to college right away or did you take the year to learn about different cultures before returning to your studies? This caused headaches for parents who understood the desire to travel, but found going to college right away more important.

Luckily, kids growing up in now don't have to make the choice. It is now possible to have your cake and eat it too. With all of the degree programs that offer online learning, you can go to China or Paris - and still earn your degree as if you were at home.

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Of course, here at Wandering Educators, we encourage global travel and the education that comes with learning about different cultures. But we also see the importance in an education that can help you to sustain security in your life.

If you find yourself trying to obtain dual learning experiences, planning is essential.

Find a Program Conducive to Travels

What is it that you ultimately want to do with your life? If you already have dreams to travel, you may want to find a degree that can be used in broad ranges of cultures. With that, you will want to find a program that allows you to do your work from anywhere in the world, as it's likely you don't know where you will end up next.

Most programs these days offer online learning, but often getting your general requirements means you will have to stay at home and show up to class regularly. This probably won't work for you, so you may want to look into obtaining a certificate that will allow you to go back to school later with a solid foundation in any given field (i.e., a certificate in graphic design). If you are more of the entrepreneur type, you could think about a degree in business administration.

Or, if health is more your interest, you could enroll in medical assistant programs at Sanford Brown. Jobs in medicine are popular among international educators, as healthcare is such a universally important and expanding industry.

Decide Where Your Travels Will Start

Chances are you have thought of hundreds of places you would like to visit. What area of the world sticks out most? Life throws a lot of curveballs and even the most detailed plans can change in an instant. I recommend starting this adventure with the place you want to visit the most. What is the culture you are most drawn too? Maybe you want to experience the food of Italy or the technology of Asia. Whatever your interests are, start there.

Make the Arrangements

First and foremost, enroll in your courses and obtain the financial aid you will need. Once you have done that, you can start making travel arrangements. You will need to find housing (sometimes you can find people willing to take in a traveling student).  These arrangements can be very complex, so you will want to put some serious thought into your necessities and take it one step at a time. The final step of planning will be purchasing your plane ticket. You won't want to fork out the dough until you know that you have a place to stay and a solid plan on how you will survive.


Thanks to the advances in technology, it is more possible than ever to earn a degree while traveling the world. It's nice to think that you don't have to give up one to achieve the other. By mixing the two, you will be living a life of balance between necessity and desire. For someone who grew up in a world where this wasn't possible, I am envious of your future. Live it, love it, and be thankful for it.