Foodie Finds: Best Places To Eat Around The World

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Jul 23, 2008 / 4 comments

Foodie Finds is our unique series of Best Places to Eat in different cities around the world.


It arose from my love of great food in Seattle - I couldn't stop writing about the great food we'd eaten there! I expanded it to Minneapolis, and then St. Paul - also great food cities, with a plethora of fantastic food options!


We started asking members of for their best places to eat, and the Foodie Finds series was officially underway. Now, we have Foodie Finds for many cities in the United States, as well as some from overseas. Heading to Chicago? Never fear! Touring California? Yes, we have some great Foodie Finds in Marin County. Touring Scotland by car? That's in there, too.


Would you like to publish a Foodie Finds article? We ask that you highlight the top 5 or 7 Best Places to Eat in a city. Try to tell us about the most unique, inexpensive, or off-the-beaten-path restaurants that a visitor to your city would love to find.


Here's a list of our most recent Foodie Finds:


From German to Middle Eastern, college subs to fresh homemade whipped cream - here are 7 Best places to eat in Minneapolis. 

Foodie Finds Minneapolis


Two incredible Italian restaurants, authentic Mexican, Russian, Thai...Here are 7 Best Places to Eat in St. Paul 

Foodie Finds St. Paul


Historic dining, international foods, fresh fish, and a local brewery are among the 7 Best Places to Eat in St. Cloud, MN. 

Foodie Finds St Cloud MN


From Dick's Burgers to a plethora of international cuisine, cupcakes and breakfasts - here are my 7 Best Places to Eat in Seattle. 

Foodie Finds Seattle


7 More Best Places to Eat in Seattle/Puget Sound Area include sushi, ethnic restaurants, pizza, and smoked meats. 

Foodie Finds Seattle Puget Sound


Best beer in Chicago? Listed here. Best Hot Dogs in Chicago? Also listed here. Don't head to the Windy City without this list of the 7 Best Places to eat in Chicago. 

Foodie Finds Chicago


Where to start? NYC has thousands of great restaurants. This list of the 7 Best Places to Eat in NYC include Greek food,  a Chinese Cuban place, and a macrobiotic place, among others. 

Foodie Finds New York City


BBQ galore, steaks, Cajun, and a taqueria are among the 5 Best Places to Eat in the North Atlanta Area. 

Foodie Finds North Atlanta


Fine Dining is alive and well in Marin County, California - among the 7 Best Places to Eat here are a roadhouse, an inn, sushi, steak, and a romantic dinner! 

Foodie Finds Marin County


A steakhouse, a French restaurant in Chinatown, and a quintessential Canadian restaurant are among the 5 Best Places to Eat in Toronto. 

Foodie Finds Toronto


Fresh oysters, mussels, a B&B, and a curry shop are among the 7 Best Places to Eat in Scotland. 

Foodie Finds Scotland


Heading to central England? Among the 4 Best Places to Eat in Derbyshire, UK, are an Italian restaurant, a pub, and a Spanish tapas restaurant. 

Foodie Finds Derbyshire UK


Best pizza (handmade, high-quality) in Chesterton, Indiana

Foodie Finds Chesterton


pause - an extraordinary coffeeshop in the Wisconsin Dells

Foodie Finds Coffeeshop - Wisconsin Dells


3 Best places to eat in the Wisconsin Dells

Foodie Finds - Wisconsin Dells


5 Best places to eat in Glasgow, Scotland

Foodie Finds Glasgow, Scotland


Best Thai Restaurant in Chicago (Magnificent Mile)

Foodie Finds Thai Chicago


Best Chinese in Downtown Chicago

Foodie Finds Chinese Downtown Chicago


Best Organic Bakery in Chicago

Foodie Finds Organic Bakery Chicago


5 best places to eat in Cambridge, MA

Foodie Finds Cambridge, MA


Best Greek Restaurant in Coldwater, MI

Foodie Finds Coldwater, MI


A Great Tea Shop and Art Gallery in historic Savannah, Georgia.

Foodie Finds Savanna GA


In Search for the Best Juicy Lucy Burger in Minneapolis

Foodie Finds Juicy Lucy Minneapolis


Best Cajun Restaurant in Grand Rapids, MI

Foodie Finds Grand Rapids, MI


5 Best Places to eat in Abu Dhabi

Foodie Finds Abu Dhabi


Top Tapas in Sevilla, Spain

Foodie Finds Sevilla, Spain


Best place to eat in Toledo, Ohio

Foodie Finds Toledo, Ohio


Best place to eat in Beaufort, SC

Foodie Finds Beaufort, SC


Best Chicago Deli 

Foodie Finds Chicago Deli


Best places to eat (and drink) in Barcelona

Foodie Finds Barcelona, Spain


Best pizza on Tybee Island, GA

Foodie Finds Tybee Island


Best Tapas in Grand Rapids, MI

Foodie Finds Grand Rapids, MI


So many to choose from, so little time...

Best Chinese in Minneapolis


4 best places to eat in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Foodie Finds Yellow Springs


5 Great Auckland Cafes

Foodie Finds Auckland, NZ


Best Restaurant in Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Foodie Finds Chagrin Falls, OH





Do you have some great restaurants to recommend? Please share with us your Foodie Finds!




Comments (4)

  • neha

    15 years 1 week ago

    Visiting Pittsboro, NC? Vegetarians can find food, no problem.

  • Dr. Jessie Voigts

    15 years 1 week ago

    neha - we'd love for you to share your pittsboro, NC foodie finds with us!


    Jessie Voigts, PhD


  • monacake

    15 years 1 week ago

    what fun - i'll start reading them as i eat my lunch today!

  • Julie Royce

    15 years 1 week ago

    I have eaten pizza in many states and several countries, but the very best pizza I've eaten anywhere comes from next door to our condo in Lexington, Michigan.  Smackwater Jack's has a Smackwater Special that will make your tastebuds jump for joy. The crust is as good as the homemade bread your grandmother used to make and the sauce has a slightly sweet but sophisticated taste.  It makes visiting Lexington worthwhile.

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