Foodie Finds: Best Chinese in Minneapolis

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Aug 19, 2009 / 0 comments

Foodie Finds: Best Chinese in Minneapolis

Two words - Little Szechuan


Little Szechuan, Minneapolis St Paul, MN

One of the very best Chinese restaurants we've EVER eaten at is in the Twin Cities - in St Paul, actually. Recommended by our friend Chuck at Explore Minnesota, this is truly a gem. On a recent week-long trip to the Twin Cities, we actually ate at Little Szechuan TWICE!





hot and sour soup, little szechuan

hot and sour soup


The funniest part of our first visit was that we came late, just as they were about to close. They were kind enough to take our order, and as the food was delivered, the waiter (a lookalike for the maitre d' at the Chinese Restaurant in the first episode of Seinfeld - and possibly a relative, since the notes at IMDB said he was from MN) said, "eat fast, enjoy!" We fell out laughing and ate quickly. Yes, we enjoyed. Yes, we say that often now.


crabmeat rangoons, little szechuan

crabmeat rangoons


The second visit was more leisurely. We tried new dishes - all of them delicious - and once again we wished that we hadn't moved away from the Twin Cities. This restaurant is one reason to move to Minnesota!

Our daughter loves crabmeat rangoons. She thought that these were the best ever. My husband noted that the food was unique as any he'd ever seen at a Chinese restaurant (and he is a Chinese restaurant connoisseur). There were so many new and unusual dishes that we had to come and eat there again.

His favorites were the crispy spicy chicken and the Pork Strips with Bamboo Tips.


crispy spicy chicken, little szechuan

crispy spicy chicken


pork and bamboo shoots, little szechuan

pork and bamboo shoots


You can bet that any time we're in the Twin Cities, we'll be stopping a few times at Little Szechuan. We may or may not eat fast, but we WILL enjoy.

Little Szechuan Inc

422 University Ave W
St Paul, MN 55103-1962
(651) 222-1333


hot pot, little szechuan

hot pot