Foodie Finds: The Best Pizza in Chesterton, Indiana

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PLEASE NOTE: This location is closed. Head down the road to Valparaiso for the goodness!

Heading along Highway 94, from Detroit to Chicago (or somewhere along there)?  There is definitely a paucity of original and tasty food, and we usually bring a yummy picnic so that we don't have to resort to fast food. On our last trip, though, we were so tired and, coming from a longer vacation, didn't have a picnic planned. Stopping in Chesterton, Indiana, we drove up and down Indian Boundary Road, one block south of 94.


Imagine our surprise when we spotted Greek's Pizzeria! Lit by a neon sign, and a set back a bit from the road, we were intrigued. We parked and headed in. The smells were delicious. Although we arrived late, they were still open - and quite busy.

We were in for a treat! This was one of the best pizza's we'd EVER eaten.

Turns out, Uncle Menny's Greek's Pizzeria is a legend in Valparaiso, Indiana. For over 40 years, owners Mike and Kim Karamesines have offered gourmet hand-tossed pizzas and sandwiches, using fresh ingredients.  Several years ago, their son Alex opened the Chesterton location of Greek's Pizzeria, to our great luck.

We were lucky enough to sit and chat with Alex for a few minutes amidst the busy pizzeria. He was congenial and obviously passionate about his business. He has worked hard on this second location of Greek's Pizzeria and it shows - customers and delivery orders were going in and out. Yet, the seating area wasn't too loud and we could converse quite easily.

We were persuaded by the staff to try their exclusive secret sauce, called "Boli" - and it was SOOOO good. We got it as the base for our pizza, and it was an extraordinary pizza on all accounts. Hot, fantastic dough, the Boli Sauce (also available for sandwiches), feta, chicken, tomatoes, and mozzarella. I am sitting here wondering if we have time to drive there right now...but I digress. There are many unique and delicious combinations on the menu, but you can also create your own pizza, of course.

We also tried their special "Knotz" (known to Locals as "Those Things") - twisted breadsticks made with fresh dough. They've made "Knotz" for over 40 years, hand-shaping the fresh dough into twisty bowties. You can order these sweet or savory - we got "Knotz" with butter and parmesan. To be honest, they were THE BEST BREADSTICKS I have ever had. I wished... wished... wished that I wasn't full. You know the feeling, that Thanksgiving feeling, where the food is so good and you can't quite believe you are full yet. Unfortunately for you, we loved them so much we didn't get to take a photo. There ARE photos on their website, though...

Both locations offer "Knotz" (both sweet and savory), fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, and gourmet hand-tossed pizzas.  If you are in either area, I'd highly suggest coming in hungry, and staying for an incredible meal. You won't regret it...

Uncle Menny's Greek’s Pizzerias:


442 Sand Creek Dr. North
(Just minutes from Indiana Dunes State Park)



59 Indiana Ave.


For more information, please see:

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