Foodie Finds: Best Bakery in Chicago (and it's Organic!)

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Apr 29, 2009 /
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NOTE: Now closed (alas!)

Best Bakery - And it's Organic! - in Chicago

As critical as it is to eat locally, in season, and organic, we often disregard those tenets as we head to bakeries to satisfy our cravings for cupcakes, cookies, and more. But why should we?



Bleeding Heart Organic Bakery - Chicago


I found the best bakery on Sunday - the Bleeding Heart Bakery - in Chicago. Located at 1955 W. Belmont, the Bleeding Heart Bakery warms you as you walk in. Cheerful colors, funky tables, and a huge array of delicious baked goods beckon unsuspecting guests. Why unsuspecting? Truly, I had no idea that the baked goods that I purchased would be THAT GOOD. yes. True.


Best Bakery in Chicago


Owned by Vinnie and Michelle Garcia, the Bleeding Heart Bakery is committed to using local, sustainable ingredients. Yet they go beyond that into fantastic flavors! I asked Leigh Ann to name the cupcakes several times, I was so amazed. Jalapeno Mango. Curry Cardamom. Dirt Cake. Peanut Butter. Thai Spice. Oaxaca. Chocolate Ginger. Raspberry Chocolate. Carrot Cake. and more - both unusual flavors, and twists on standard favorites. While I was in the Bakery, there was a constant stream of customers - some new, and some regulars that obviously knew that they were going to be happy in a few minutes, treat in hand. While I focused on cupcakes, there were cakes, savory treats, handmade chocolates, coffee, tea, and cocoa with homemade marshmallows, tons of cookies, and more. Truly, there was something for everyone.


Bleeding Heart Organic Bakery - Chicago


Bleeding Heart Organic Bakery - Chicago


Best Bakery in Chicago


According to their site, "the Garcias both have extensive experience in the culinary industry. Michelle from a sweet side of things & Vinnie from the savory side. Michelle has worked at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, The Four Seasons San Francisco, De Taart van m'n Tante in Amsterdam, Fox & Obel, Spago and Marshall Fields Catering. She attended Kendall College, and graduated with "Le Arte de Patisserie" from The French Pastry School in 2000. In San Francisco, she was exposed and became obsessed with organic foods. Vinnie worked at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Fox & Obel and Spago. He was the saucier and off-site catering manager at Spago." Well, no wonder it tastes so very good.



Bleeding Heart Organic Bakery - Chicago


It is rare to find an eating establishment so very committed to organic and locally sourced ingredients. It is also rare to find such a treasure, where each bite of their creations makes you close your eyes and go MMMM....


Bleeding Heart Organic Bakery - Chicago



I highly recommend the Bleeding Heart Bakery, if you're ever in Chicago. Heck, it is even worth a trip there from O'Hare, if you've got a layover. I only wish it wasn't a 5 hour drive for us...but I imagine we'll still be regulars.


We had a chance to interview Michelle Garcia, of the Bleeding Heart Bakery. Click HERE to read her thoughts on sustainable agriculture, our kids, eco-friendly businesses, and more.

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1955 W. Belmont

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