Southern Foodways Alliance 10th Annual Field Trip

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Apr 21, 2010 / 0 comments

Southern Foodways Alliance 10th Annual Field Trip, June 24-26, Atlanta

Exploring the Global South along the Buford Highway International Corridor

Southern Culinary Culture is not static. What we grow, cook, and eat is not fixed in 1865. (Or in 1965, for that matter.) The SFA spells that out in our mission statement. We "document, study and celebrate the diverse food cultures of the changing American South."

We can't imagine a better place to draw a bead on the "changing American South" than Atlanta, Georgia, the cultural and social capital of the New South. Buford Highway, arguably the region's oldest and most diverse international corridor, will be the nexus of our explorations.

With expert Southern Foodways Sherpas in the lead, we'll explore the strip malls and reconfigured fast food bunkers where intrepid eaters feast on some of the region's best (Chinese) barbecue, and (Salavadoran) fried chicken.

We'll plumb the depths of the Buford Highway Farmer's Market and take note of cross-cultural passions for preserved pork and bitter greens. We'll breakfast on Korean pastries gorged with green tea cream cheese that tastes, somehow, like a red velvet riff. Although much of our time will be spent exploring working class eateries, we plan to eat high on the hog, too, courtesy of a dinner at Taqueria del Sol, Mike Klank's homage to Monterrey by way of Memphis, and a dim sum luncheon at Abattoir, Anne Quatrano's latest restaurant, set in a onetime meat packing plant.

The field trip brochure, including schedule of events, may be downloaded here.


Anson Mills of Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, produces artisan mill goods from organic heirloom grains. Since 2007, they have served as sponsor of our annual summer Field Trip.

Lodging is not included in Field Trip registration. We have reserved a block of 50 rooms at the Holiday Inn, 2001 Clearview Avenue. Tucked in a wooded area, just off Buford Highway and just inside I-285, the hotel is nicely appointed, very comfortable, and has a large outdoor pool. It's where the SFA staff will stay, and we'd love for you to join us. Rooms, priced at $79 per night, are available on a first-come-first-served basis. When you register for the Field Trip, we'll send you a link which you can click to book your room. If you would like to stay in a hotel with more amenities, we suggest the J.W. Marriott at Lenox Square. It's the closest fancy-pants property to Buford Highway.

We expect that most of you will drive to Atlanta, but for those who fly, stop off at One Flew South in Terminal E, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, where SFA friends Duane Nutter and Todd Richards hold forth. Use of a car, or sharing the use of a car, is highly recommended. SFA will provide transportation for the Sherpa tours. Transportation to all other events is your responsibility.

Cost for the weekend is $285 for members and $315 for non members, inclusive of all lectures and meals, including the Sherpa tours. Online Registration is open now.