Foodie Finds: The 7 Best Places to Eat in Seattle

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Seattle is one of my very favorite cities in the whole world, in part because of the fantastic food available! This is just a *short* list of my foodie finds...look at the end of the article for more recommendations!

7 Best Places to eat in Seattle

1. Dick's Drive-In
various locations around the city

Greasy burgers, soft fries Seattle-style - this traditional fast food burger place has a special history in Seattle. You just have to visit, if you're in town.

2. Fu-Man Dumpling House
14312 Greenwood Ave N, 206-363-0526

Worth the drive north, the dumpling sauce is reminiscent of the best dumpling houses in New York City.  My husband always gets several orders of dumplings (JUST dumplings!) and wishes he'd gotten more...

3. Toyoda Sushi
12543 Lake City Way NE, 206-367-7972

One of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, this homey Japanese restaurant makes you feel like Norm in the tv show Cheers. You are always welcome here! Delicious sushi, authentic Japanese food - what more can you ask? Oh yes, the friendly owner, Helen Toyoda - she's so very kind, gracious, and welcoming.

4.  Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe (ALAS! Now Closed! Who has a great breakfast place to recommend?)
6412 Phinney Ave N., 206-782-1222,

Breakfasts are incredible here. The coffee is hot, the decor almost distracts you from the good food! The bathroom cracks me up.

5.  Mr. Gyros
8411 Greenwood Ave N, 206-706-7472,

Authentic (and delicious) Mediterranean specialties. I could eat here every day! Get the combo of whatever you order - the salad is just scrumptious! The fries are sprinkled with some gorgeous red spice (not hot spicy), and they are the best I've had...

6.  Thai Tom
4543 University Way NE, 206-548-9548

Worth the wait in line (for the place only has a few tables!), the rock-star-type chef is the star of the show, creating Thai masterpieces for your delectable enjoyment. The waitresses weave their way deftly through this small place without dropping any of the culinary gems. More, please!  YUM!

7. Cupcake Royale
2052 NW Market St, 206-782-9557

Up in Ballard, a lovely bakery with the best (and most unusual) cupcakes. Either scarf your cupcake there (and get some to go), or just get some to go, lovingly packaged in a nice box - almost too pretty to eat. Note, I said *almost*....


What are your favorite places to eat in Seattle? Please share!

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