Playing with Food

by Joy Whitehead / Jul 10, 2013 / 0 comments

With all the people on the earth, and all of the fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains just waiting for us to use them, we humans just can't resist the temptation to play with our food. Cakes and icing, ice cream with sprinkles, and pancakes with chocolate chips – delicious! I don't know about you, but I am a fan of all of these foods, and am glad that someone decided to experiment with their foods. Here is one of my new favorite weird foods.


Pineapple Popcorn. Who would've known? Hawaiian-style popcorn is a strange, yellowish-orange popcorn, topped with a light seasoning of chili powder. It's nothing like you think. Really. Don't eat one, thinking, Ooh... Popcorn! Instead, think Mmmm...Pineapple! Otherwise you'll be surprised, and not in a very good way. It's a lot like caramel popcorn; it has similar stickiness and the consistency. Just swap the caramel for pineapple. It's a really sweet treat. I like it a lot - and so may you! Just try it. I tried it while at the Peabody Hotel, in Memphis, Tennessee. Maybe you'd like it better in Hawaii, because it would feel more tropical, but I liked it just fine in Tennessee.


So, now you know my favorite weird food. You're probably wondering Is that all she eats? Well, the answer to that question is a definite No. I like a lot of different types of food, so after eating my favorite weird food, what better to try than my favorite comfort foods? Here they are, along with my favorite dessert.


Mac 'n' cheese. Yes, I like mac 'n' cheese. A lot. For me, it's a fun, cheesy, gooey pot of yumminess. It makes funny noises when you squash it around on your plate, and it always leaves a cheesy trail behind it (unless you didn't put enough cheese in!). If there's ever any mac 'n' cheese on the table, you can count on me to enjoy.


Mac n Cheese


Dessert. Dessert for me should always have chocolate. No chocolate, no dessert. I love chocolate, so it's no wonder that I also love this chocolate dessert that my mom makes: Chocolate cheesecake. Yep. You read it right. Chocolate cheesecake. A pie crust filled with a cream cheese and chocolate chip mixture topped with a delicious glaze of semi-sweet or dark chocolate; this is something I never miss out on. My mom only makes it every now and then, so if there's any in the fridge, it's never there for long.


Now, one of my top favorite foods of all time: homemade pizza! We make pizza at our home every once in a while. Homemade dough, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and an occasional pepperoni slice are the key ingredients for my family's favorite pizza. We roll it, poke it, put on the toppings, and bake it all in our oven. Everyone has a blast customizing their pizza and putting on all of their favorite toppings.


Homemade Pizza


And lastly, one of my own strange inventions. A peanut butter chocolate chip sandwich! No, I don't have one or even half of one every day, but it is pretty good. Just put some chocolate chips, or even M&Ms into your peanut butter sandwich, and there you go. It's definitely better than plain peanut butter on bread.


So there you have it: almost all of my favorite foods. From pizza to chocolate cheesecake, you don't want to miss out on any of these delicious treats. And it's all thanks to someone who got creative and decided to play with their food. To make great food, let your creativity rule in the kitchen. Have fun cooking!





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