Foodie Finds: the 7 Best Places to Eat in St. Paul

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St. Paul is a very different city from Minneapolis. Despite being right across the river from each other, they each shine in a unique way. Luckily for us, the food in both cities is stellar - lots of great choices for the foodie!  Here are a few of my hidden gem favorites:


7 best places to eat in St Paul, MN

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1. Buon Giorno
335 University Ave E, 651-224-1816

This place is a little bit difficult to find, and is tucked away just north of St. Paul, amidst the tangled highways. There isn't a place to sit and eat there, but the takeout is just incredible. Order freshly made sandwiches, sides of all kinds of olives, and plenty of hot dishes. Definitely fresh meat and vegetables - and pick up a bottle of wine, or some authentic Italian groceries on your way to the cash register.

2. Cossetta's
211 7th St W, 651-222-3476

Yet another authentic Italian place, just one block south of the Xcel Center, Cossetta's is a wonderful experience. Kids will love it! You wind your way through a lavish grocery section to order your items. The problem is that there are so many luscious things to choose from that you have a hard time deciding. I highly recommend the lasagna, but you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Most of the tables are upstairs, but there are a few handicap accessible ones down on the main level.

3. El Burrito Mercado
175 Cesar Chavez St., 651-227-2192

I remember when El Burrito Mercado was a small grocery store with a tiny area in which to eat. Now, they've expanded both the grocery store and the restaurant, and given the whole place a facelift. The outside is beautifully painted, and the inside is just full of the gorgeous colors one would expect from Mexico. The menu? Authentic Mexican food, and plenty of it. I love the Barbacoa, and get it every time. I have to say, even though I am completely stuffed from it, I still need to get some tortillas, fresh veggies, spices, and other items from the grocery on the way out. You shouldn't miss it!


4. Andy's Garage
1685 Englewood Ave, 651-917-2332

The original Andy's Garage was in a garage, but they had to move to the Midtown Exchange Building. Nevertheless, THIS is the place to go for old-school hamburgers, fries, and malts.


5. Sawatdee
486 Robert St N, 651-528-7106

There are two locations, one near the stadium in Minneapolis, and this one, near the St. Paul Farmer's Market. My husband haunted this location for years, as his 4x a week lunch spot. Their buffet is lovely, and they also have a full menu. And, better yet, they don't smirk when I order "zero flames"...a plus in my book! Try the Massamun Curry. YUM!


6. Moscow on the Hill
371 Selby Ave, 651-291-1236

An old world Russian restaurant, this is a favorite of mine for a true Russian dining experience. Ukrainian dumplings, dolma, blini, tea smoked chicken, salmon - the choices seem endless (and are quite delicious!).  This is a fantastic way to get your fill of Russian food without buying a plane ticket.


7. The Grand Ole Creamery
750 Grand Avenue, 651-293-1655

Who doesn't love ice cream? No one in Minnesota, as the lines at this ice cream store attest! Fantastic flavors, full cream taste - Ice Cream Perfection. Black Hills Gold, anyone?


Don't worry - there will be more to come!

What are your favorite restaurants in St. Paul?  Please share!



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