Foodie Finds: the 4 Best Places to Eat in Yellow Springs, Ohio

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Jan 15, 2009 / 0 comments

Foodie Finds is an occasional column here at Wandering Educators, sharing our favorite places to eat around the world.


One of our very favorite small towns in the midwest is Yellow Springs, Ohio.
We always head there when we're in the area, visiting my mother-in-law.
Yellow Springs is a charming small college town (Antioch College), with lots
of cute stores and great people watching!


We were visiting there last week, and decided to ask our favorite store
owners what THEIR favorite foodie finds were. What fun! Here's the list..,



One of my dear friends lives in Yellow Springs and works at the library. While our daughter played with the jumbo bears in the children's area, I watched the library teem with happy people of all ages.


Yellow SPrings Library


WHAT a great meeting place! and our friend, Carolion's, favorite place to eat? Ha Ha Pizza. We went there together, and I concur - delicious, fresh, yummy pizza (gourmet toppings!) and beautiful decor.


Ha Ha Pizza, Yellow SPrings


Ha Ha Pizza
108 Xenia Ave
Yellow Springs




Our very favorite store in Yellow Springs, Asian Collection, sells all sorts
of really cool Asian goods. They are located at 309 Xenia Avenue.  Chris,
the store owner, suggested Williams Eatery and Gathering Place. The owners, Lawren and Diana Williams, feature both Peruvian and American food.



Asian Collection

309 Xenia Ave

Yellow Springs




Williams Eatery, Yellow Springs


Williams Eatery
101 A Corry Street
Yellow Springs




Our favorite coffeeshop is Dino's Cappuccino's. Decorated with all sorts of
Italian flags, etc., they serve great coffee and have free wifi. People
watching is a great idea, if you don't have your laptop with you. And yes, you may see Dave Chappelle, who is a local. 

Dino's Cappuccino's, Yellow Springs


The good folks at Dino's recommended the Winds Cafe for a special meal. The Winds Cafe started out as a collective cafe, in 1977. 30+ years later, they have evolved into a great restaurant that respects both the seasons and the qualities of excellent food.


Dino's Cappuccino's

225 Xenia Ave

Yellow Springs



the Winds cafe, Yellow SPrings


The Winds Cafe & Bakery
215 Xenia Ave
Yellow Springs




Lastly, while we perused the gorgeous pottery at Yellow Springs Pottery, we queried the owners as to their favorite places to eat.  They mentioned Peach's Grill, for great American bar food - including yummy hamburgers! - and lots of live music.


Yellow Springs Pottery

Photo courtesy of Yellow Springs Pottery



Yellow Springs Pottery

Kings Yard

Yellow Springs




Peachs Grill

Photo courtesy of Peach's Grill

Peach's Grill
104 Xenia Ave
Yellow SPrings




Thanks to all our friends in Yellow Springs, for sharing these wonderful foodie finds with us!


All photos, except where noted, copyright Dr. Jessie Voigts