Edinburgh Geniuses Strike Gold

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Edinburgh in the Shadows: stories the travel brochures will never reveal. A spoken word journey of death, drugs, and disaster exploring Edinburgh's lesser-known miscreants, unfortunates, and flawed geniuses.

Edinburgh Geniuses Strike Gold

Covering the city's darker and more gruesome history, the audience will go on a journey through witch-hunting, multiple murders and honeymoon killers alike, not to mention the dark side of Edinburgh literature with the lost ending of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and some little-known facts about Houdini and his history in Scotland's capital. It's black comedy, it's history, it's top-quality spoken word entertainment. And it's performed by Max Scratchmann and the renowned Edinburgh poet and story-teller, Alec Beattie.

I had a chance to speak with Alec and Max - take a look!


Learn more and full schedule here: https://edinburghintheshadows.wordpress.com