The Complete Guide to Vanlife Scotland: Costs, Routes, & Everything Else You Need to Know!

by Cazzy Magennis / Feb 03, 2021 /
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Toward the end of 2020, my boyfriend and I had the most wonderful time driving across almost all of Scotland. For 2 months, we explored the stunning coastlines and rugged mountain peaks. We spent all but a few nights wild camping, enjoying the calm and scenic countryside Scotland has to offer.

NC500 roads. From The Complete Guide to Vanlife Scotland: Costs, Routes, & Everything Else You Need to Know!
NC500 roads

Artist Spotlight: Melanie Whitson, Melart Scotland

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Jan 28, 2021 /
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The internet is an incredible place. I first saw Melanie Whitson's art on facebook, in a Scotland group. Her clean, beautiful drawings truly capture the essence of place. My favorites? While they are all so evocative, her Leanach Cottage at Culloden has grasped my heart. I feel the wind blowing across the battlefield, smell the smoke and humanity, and remember moments of history, both large and small. 

Scotland's Top Musicians Share Christmas Song and Story

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It's become a cherished part of the festive season in Scotland: for the last fourteen years, Phil Cunningham's Christmas Songbook has brought together some of the country's top musicians in a festive celebration series of concerts that has toured across Scotland in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Phil Cunningham. From Scotland's Top Musicians Share Christmas Song and Story

5 Unique Ways to Road Trip Around the UK

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Who doesn’t relish a road trip? And what better place to explore via car than by traversing the UK? While many travelers enjoy taking the train (or flying, if you’re heading up north to Scotland), road tripping the UK is a bucket list experience – one that you’ll utterly adore (and, perhaps, do again and again). 

But don’t settle for a regular road trip – craft your own itinerary to align with your passions and priorities. Here are some suggestions:

#StudyAbroadBecause it will open your world in ways you never thought possible

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Addie Gray is a second-year student studying Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews in St Andrews, Scotland. She runs a travel blog at, where she documents her experiences going to university abroad, shares her travel adventures, and gives advice to others who are hoping to study abroad.

Top Ten Things to do in Edinburgh

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Feb 12, 2018 /
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Top Ten Things to do in Edinburgh


Celebrating Scotland's St Andrews Day

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This week marks an important holiday—and it has nothing to do with turkey!


Hebridean Celtic Festival

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"We are in a unique location, and you have to have a pioneering spirit to make it all the way up to the festival if you don't have ties here," says Caroline MacLennan, festival director of the Hebridean Celtic Festival -- Fèis Cheilteach Innse Gall in Scotttish Gaelic. The place she's speaking of is the Isle of Lewis, the northernmost island of the Western Isles, some forty miles off the north west coast of Scotland.

Music Runs Deep in Ireland and Scotland

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Music runs deep in Ireland and Scotland, in the landscape, the history, the legends, the stories, and the lives of the people. Though each is a small country, geographically, they both have sent, and continue to send, mighty amounts of music out into the world. Here are three recordings which offer very different gateways into Ireland and Scotland.

Music Runs Deep in Ireland and Scotland

Scotland's Saltire Scholarships for Higher Education

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Overview: The Saltire Scholarship is a substantial programme of scholarships, offering up to 100 awards, each worth £4,000 towards tuition fees for any one year of full time study, on an Undergraduate, Masters, or PhD course. This is offered on a matched funding basis between the Scottish Government and Scottish Higher Education Institutions, and is available for students from Canada, China, India, Pakistan and the USA.