Travel in Harry Potter's Footsteps

by Dr. Jessie Voigts / Nov 17, 2016 /
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10 Travel Tips: Take Your Kids to Scotland

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Scotland is a land of mystery, history, and the great outdoors. It’s a perfect place for family travel – your kids will LOVE everything about Scotland! From looking for unexplained wave patterns to trying haggis, Scotland is full of hidden and obvious joys. It’s also a place for all ages, where activities can be enjoyed by all.


Glencoe Cottages

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The magic of Scotland lies in its hills – and people. In finding one of the places we’ll stay in Scotland, I searched long and hard on HomeAway Holiday Rentals. I found the perfect place in Western Scotland, in Glencoe, called Glencoe Cottages.

Glencoe Cottages, Scotland

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Breathtaking views from every direction. The sounds of the River Tay running through the backyard. An ecologically progressive set of cottages that let you live in nature, whilst being close to many activities...Nestled in between mountains and river, the Glencoe Cottages are an extraordinary place to stay.

Scotland's Storyteller in Song: Archie Fisher

by Kerry Dexter / Apr 18, 2016 /
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Music from contemporary songwriters, from traditional sources, from his own composing: this is what you will find on Archie Fisher's recording A Silent Song. That is a mix he has been stirring across his career. Now in his mid seventies, Fisher finds that music still draws him on. "It has only occurred to me relatively recently that the incentive to keep doing it is hearing that new song," he says.

Scotland's Music: A Saint Andrew's Day Tapestry

by Kerry Dexter / Nov 16, 2015 /
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As autumn turns to winter in Scotland -- a transition which certainly happens during November -- days become shorter, temperatures fall, it may begin to snow, and that snow, already in place or oncoming, may begin to stay around longer. There are changes in the quality of light as the sun hangs low in the sky, and at night stars shine brightly.

#StudyAbroadBecause Haggis

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Writer, Hedonist, Patron of the Arts. Ariadne Vales d. Caldera is the founder of the travel and lifestyle blog Born in Purple. Dublin Street is her first book. The author currently resides in her native New York after a protracted stint in Europe. When she isn't writing, she is tending to her legions of honeybees, all named Persephone.

Explore the sounds of a Celtic Cafe with Putumayo World Music

by Kerry Dexter / Jul 20, 2015 /
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The mission of Putumayo World Music is defined in its tagline: music guaranteed to make you feel good. Putumayo founder Dan Storper and ethnomusicologist Jacob Edgar search the world for music from varied cultures to meet this idea.

The Magic of Possibility: Fling!

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I recently read a novel that completely pulled me into the universe –and what a universe it is! Fling!, the new novel from writer and educator Lily Iona Mackenzie, is set in many countries. It’s at once a glimpse into new, interesting characters - and new, interesting worlds. It’s a saga that spans time, all at once. It’s color, and cold; light, and dark; memory, and forgetfulness; mothers, daughters, granddaughters; culture, and chaos. I love it.

Edinburgh Geniuses Strike Gold

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Edinburgh in the Shadows: stories the travel brochures will never reveal. A spoken word journey of death, drugs, and disaster exploring Edinburgh's lesser-known miscreants, unfortunates, and flawed geniuses.

Edinburgh Geniuses Strike Gold