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How To Pack for a Stay in a Cabin

If hotels are not your thing and camping is way too adventurous for you, then where do you go? Cabins!

Cabins offer the same proximity to nature and outdoorsy experience as any camping adventure, while also letting you settle in cozily after a long day of excursions.

How To Pack for a Stay in a Cabin

History Comes Alive: Eight Noteworthy Places to Stay

by Sandy Bornstein /
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Jun 06, 2018 / 0 comments

One way to enhance a travel experience is to stay at an historic property. These distinct sites offer a glimpse into the region’s culture and history and set the tone for daily and evening adventures. Price points and room styles vary from location to location. My trips have included a sparse room at a former U.S. Army barracks to an opulent suite at a restored Asian palace. Each experience has demonstrated why it’s important to occasionally select an historic place as a place to stay. 

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Au Bellefleur: A Luxury B&B in Sigogne, France

I love looking for unique places to stay while we travel. To me, meeting people and getting to know the rhythm of a place is key to travel. Bed and Breakfasts are *the* way to do this - you've got your own glimpse into another culture, while staying!  I've found an incredible B&B in Southwest France to share with you today - called Au Bellefleur.

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Where to stay in St John's, Newfoundland

We’ve just returned from an Epic Canadian Road Trip, driving from our home in Kalamazoo, Michigan all the way out to St. John’sNewfoundland (yes, a ferry was involved). Why? Well, I’m the co-founder of Writing Walking Women, and we chose St.

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Road Trip 101: Ten Tips to Save Money on Accommodations

Road Trip 101: Ten Tips to Save Money on Accommodations

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Join Wanderful: A Sisterhood of Women Travelers

Imagine you’re going to Madrid and you’d like someone to join you for a tapas bar crawl or a day at the Prado museum…but you don’t know anyone in Madrid and have never been there before. In fact, the idea of landing in such a big city and being completely on your own is a bit daunting. Still, you have always wanted to go there and aren’t ready to give up the idea. 

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Glencoe Cottages

The magic of Scotland lies in its hills – and people. In finding one of the places we’ll stay in Scotland, I searched long and hard on HomeAway Holiday Rentals. I found the perfect place in Western Scotland, in Glencoe, called Glencoe Cottages.

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Glencoe Cottages, Scotland

Breathtaking views from every direction. The sounds of the River Tay running through the backyard. An ecologically progressive set of cottages that let you live in nature, whilst being close to many activities...Nestled in between mountains and river, the Glencoe Cottages are an extraordinary place to stay.

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TalkTalkBnb: A New Way to Interact and Connect with an International Community

Hubert Laurent, a French entrepreneur passionate about education and language, is the CEO & Founder of TalkTalkBnb, a new social travel platform that provides consumers with an avenue to interact and connect with an international community. 

Hubert Laurent, founder and CEO of TalkTalkBnB

Where to stay in St. Andrews, New Brunswick

by Dr. Jessie Voigts /
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Oct 17, 2015 / 0 comments

Have you ever wanted a place you could go back to, every summer, for your entire life? If you don't have a cottage in northern Michigan or Minnesota, or a camp in Maine, then you probably are still searching. I've got the answer for you - the delightful, family-friendly perfection that is the Algonquin Resort, in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Only a skip across the bay from Maine, St.