Explore the world with no rent: Top tips for being a successful housesitter

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From Arizona to the Yucatan in Mexico, there are numerous gorgeous places that you can stay worldwide - for FREE - in return for some caretaking, housesitting, pet sitting, lawnmowing, and/or other duties. As a caretaker/housesitter, you can easily travel and live (or work) in many exotic places: mountain, lake, city, rural… and live like a local for anything from a few days to a couple of years.

Explore the world with no rent: Top tips for being a successful housesitter

Caretaking/housesitting is a rapidly growing trend which means competition for jobs is hotting up as more people see the benefits of the incredible opportunities that exist around the world. 

Here are some tips to help you become a successful caretaker/housesitter:

Firstly, you need to stay up to date with new listings. Why not subscribe to a monthly e-magazine that will list all housesitting opportunities worldwide and send you frequent email alerts for new caretaking/housesitting posts for a low annual subscription of only US$25? A brand new e-magazine is about to be launched - ‘The Caretaker Magazine’ - which will feature adverts from both owners looking for a caretaker/housesitter and ads from those looking for a caretaking post. 

Respond as soon as you can to adverts, if you feel you are a good fit.

It would be useful to obtain a police check as soon as you are ready to launch your new housesitting adventures. An International Drivers Licence is also a plus. 

Putting some money aside for a deposit and offering to pay a deposit is also a good way to show potential homeowners that you are serious about looking after their home. Not every homeowner asks for a deposit, but try to have a fund set aside just in case.

Make sure that you spend time on your profile when applying for caretaking/housesitting positions. Treat it like an interview: be positive and tell the owner/employer a little about yourself and your previous experience with caretaking/housesitting and looking after pets.

You need to discuss and agree - in writing - how all outgoings are going to be paid before you start your housesit. Some homeowners pay for all outgoings, some require a payment towards electricity and broadband, etc. Make sure everyone knows who is paying for what. Keep all receipts.

Build a portfolio of personal/work and housesitting references, particularly in the early stages. You could create your own business cards/website to enhance your chances of getting your dream sit. 

Don’t forget to ask for a reference once your housesit is completed (provided the experience was a positive one for everyone!). And keeping your eyes and ears open while housesitting can also sometimes lead to other opportunities.

Keep within your budget by travelling slowly, researching local prices, visas, flights, etc. before you agree to a caretaking job. Also, make sure you know how long you are legally allowed to stay in a country before you commit to the position.


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About the author: Belinda is about to launch a new monthly e-zine, The Caretaker Magazine, for all those whose bucket list includes a lot of travel! Originally from the UK, she now lives in New Zealand with her family.

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