A few seconds every day of 11 months of world travel

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Eleven months ago, my family sold everything and left the US to travel the world, with no plan to return. Since then, we’ve visited ten countries on three continents, walked hundreds of kilometers through countrysides and cities alike, taken countless trains and planes, met amazing people, and made lifelong family memories.

Time flies pretty fast when you’re having fun, and despite taking photos every day, we tend to forget the little things that make each day special. This could be a really good meal, a visit to the grocery store or market, walking down the street, or just driving in the car. Usually it is the simple things that are the easiest to forget as time passes. 

On day one of world travel I downloaded the app, One Second Every Day, and made a pact with myself to record one second of something each day, so I wouldn’t forget anything. My video of the past eleven months isn't perfect. Some days I forgot to record, others I recorded a few seconds. It shows the simple part of life traveling, the things that don’t end up on social media, as well as a few more exciting adventure here and there. 

This is what eleven months of world travel looks like. 



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A few seconds every day of 11 months of world travel


Izabel Antle is a member of the Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program. She's traveling the world with her family - follow her adventures at https://wheremycarryontakesme.wordpress.com/