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You know when you’re shopping and all of a sudden, realize you’re hungry? Yes. This happens far too frequently, I imagine. Well, there we were, hitting up the IKEA in north Cincinnati when the growls of our tummies were too loud to ignore. Never mind the chocolate we’d picked up, or the lingonberry jam…we wanted hot food.

A friend had told us about Aladdin’s Eatery, a Lebanese/American restaurant chain, with one conveniently located where we were. Now, you know how I feel about chains. BUT. This one? They're different! They use fresh ingredients, and have over 70 vegan/vegetarian items on their menu!

Speaking of the menu, it’s a book. Really.


Aladdin's Eatery


Here’s why we love this place: there are SO MANY CHOICES – and they all look good. We all decided on various forms of pita – which came grilled on the outside, so that you bite through a crisp, crunchy bread to get to the yumminess inside. And the insides… oh yes. Filled with flavorful meat, tangy feta, a delicious sauce, and plenty of crunchy vegetables, my gyro was, well, it was perfect!


Pita at Aladdins's Eatery


Pita at Aladdins's Eatery


Pita at Aladdins's Eatery


The service was efficient and friendly, the restaurant (and bathrooms) were clean, and everyone seemed happy to be there.


Aladdins's Eatery


Highly recommended!


Details: the Aladdin’s Eatery near the Cinci Ikea is located in a small strip mall. Head inside, and be surprised by the clean, colorful interior. We had a short wait – this is obviously THE place to eat around here. The restaurant was filled with a variety of people – several families with babies meeting for a meal together, businesspeople, small and large groups of friends, and plenty of people stopping in for takeout.


Aladdins's Eatery

Locations: According to their map, there are Aladdin’s Eateries in Toledo, Columbus, Akron and Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Mishawaka, Virginia, Raleigh, and even Florida. You’ll find the majority in Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

The one near Ikea in North Cincinnati:
9344 Union Centre Blvd.
West Chester OH 45069
Tel: 513-874-1302


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Eat well (and fresh!) at Aladdin's Eatery

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