Foodie Finds: Best. Hamburger. Ever.

by Ed Forteau / Dec 08, 2010 /
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You probably know that I am a hamburger connoisseur. I have had hamburgers on several continents, in all of the cities that we visit, and most especially, on our grill (usually weekly).  We've shared our favorite hamburger places here, notably Dick's (Seattle) and the battle of the best Juicy Lucy, in the Twin Cities.


We've also shared our foodie finds of the best hot dogs in Grand Rapids (they truly are), at the One Stop Coney Shop.  We head there just about every time we're in Grand Rapids - their food is that good. 


one stop coney shop


Our daughter has been on a hamburger kick (runs in the blood), and always gets the alfredo burger when we're there. It's the perfect combination of hamburger and her favorite alfredo sauce - you should see her smiles. Add to it the hand-cut Belgian Frites, and you're golden.


one stop coney shop - belgian fries


A few visits ago, I decided to veer off the extensive hot dog menu and try the hamburger. GREAT food decision - it's the best hamburger I've ever had. Truly.


best hamburger ever


I don't know if it is the fresh beef (ground daily, say the friendly owners), the hot grill, the steamed buns,  It might be the additions (grilled onions, jalapenos - actually, anything that is from the hot dog menu can be added).  Dill shreddies. Ketchup and Mustard. I ate two. We came back to Grand Rapids (an hour drive) as soon as we could. I encouraged my wife to try it this time. Her verdict? Loudly, effusively, enough to make the owners and other customers smile...


Best. Hamburger. Ever.


best hamburger ever



One Stop Coney Shop
154 Fulton St E
Grand Rapids, MI




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